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Our Price: $29.95
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Number: INTISC204

Composed by: Jerry Goldsmith

Sample Tracks
Name Number
The Poppy Fields 01 - 01
The Clouded Mind 01 - 02
Secrets 01 - 05
Fight Like a Man 02 - 04
The Mirrors 02 - 06
Frontal Lobotomy 02 - 07
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World premiere 2-CD release of complete Jerry Goldsmith 1995 soundtrack to Russall Mulcahy film with Alec Baldwin as famed and flawed crime fighter, co-starring John Lone, Penelope Ann Miller, Ian McKellen, Peter Boyle. Dark, edged action plus stunning period design inspire Goldsmith to create one of his most involved, exciting (and longest) scores of his later career. Powerful French horn main theme imposes but is mere stepping stone to ferocious action music, mysterious ideas, tender love theme. Latter melody is especially pretty on piano, amongst composer's most beautiful - and barely heard from on original 1994 album. Action cues get spotlight, particularly Throughout second half of score. Perhaps standing tallest is powerhouse fight music amidst "The Mirrors". Terrific sequence was scored twice with two different approaches to violent confrontation. Neither cue was on original album! Unused version plays first, has never been heard since actual sessions. Picture version follows in roaring fashion. Many other action cues make world premiere release. Highlights here include "The Clouded Mind", "Nice Tie", "Fight Like A Man". In 1994, Arista label released mere 30 minutes of score plus admittedly dynamic song "Original Sin" sung by Taylor Dayne and other Shadow souvenirs. All 1994 album contents appear on Intrada 2-CD set as well, following complete 85-minute score presentation. Entire score mastered from original 48-track digital session elements as mixed by Bruce Botnick, stored in beautiful condition in Universal vaults. Through courtesy of Sony, virtually every note recorded at sessions appears in dynamic stereo audio as well asafore-mentioned Arista tracks. Authoritative notes by Jeff Bond and rich graphics offering both original album artwork plus all-new design prepared by Joe Sikoryak complete dramatic package. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain! - Douglass Fake

Complete Soundtrack Part 1

01. The Poppy Fields 3:41
02. The Clouded Mind 6:43
03. I’ll Be There 3:55
04. No Shadow 0:33
05. Secrets 3:08
06. Don’t Open It! 4:15
07. Do You Believe? 2:24
08. The Sanctum 3:34
09. Who Are You? 4:46
10. The Code 0:59
11. The Call 2:36
12. No Thought 1:19
13. Chest Pains 3:27
14. A Mission 2:35
15. Nice Tie 2:49
16. The Knife 3:06
17. What I Know 4:48
18. The Jumper 1:21
19. The Tank 4:06

CD1 (Part 1) Total Time: 60:09

Complete Soundtrack Part 2 (Disc 2)

01. The Dream 1:59
02. Get Dr. Lane 1:05
03. The Hotel 5:55
04. Fight Like A Man 4:13
05. The Mirrors 4:58
06. The Mirrors (Alternate Version) 4:04
07. Frontal Lobotomy 2:30

Part 2 Total Time: 24:52

The Extras

08. Wild Drums 0:19
09. Dinner Source (Dennis Dreith) 1:06
10. Bart’s Bounce (Dennis Dreith) 2:06

Total Extras Time: 3:35

Original 1994 Arista Soundtrack Album

11. The Shadow Knows… 1994 ALEC BALDWIN 0:08
12. Original Sin (Theme From The Shadow) (Steinman) TAYLOR DANE 6:27
13. The Poppy Fields (Main Title) 3:16
14. Some Kind Of Mystery (Warren) SINOA 3:48
15. The Sanctum 3:33
16. Who Are You? 4:02
17. Chest Pains 3:26
18. The Knife 3:05
19. The Hotel 5:53
20. The Tank 4:08
21. Frontal Lobotomy 2:28
22. Original Sin (Theme From The Shadow) (Steinman) Film Mix TAYLOR DANE 5:02
23. The Shadow Radio Show 1937: “Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men?” ORSON WELLES 0:29

Album Total Time: 46:15

CD2 Total Time: 74:56

Total Discs time: 135:05

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