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Our Price: $31.95
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Name: SAE
Number: SAECRS0007

No. Tracks: 25
Composed by: Alfred Newman

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Conquest - Disc 2 14
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2 CDs of never before released cues, mostly stereo, and lots of extras! A Screen Archives Entertainment release. 44 page booklet with film productions notes by Rudy Behlmer, music and composer notes by Jon Burlingame and producer's note and cue by cue description by Ray Faiola.

Disc One

1. Main Title 2:00
2. Search for Runaway Slave 2:26
3. Aiding the Runaway 4:38
4. Pedro and Juan 5:03
5. De Vargas’ Terrace 2:12
6. Pedro and Luisa 3:24
7. Pedro Captured by Inquisition Guards :40
8. The Inquisition 4:14
9. Duel with De Silva and Escape 4:17
10. De Vargas Family Escape 5:19
11. News of the Expedition 5:18

Disc Two

1. The Shores of Cuba/Villa Rica 5:46
2. Catana’s Dance :15
3. Zarabanda 2:48
4. Pledge of Love 1:43
5. Cempoala 8:18
6. Pedro Moves to Recover the Jewels 4:07
7. Escape from Traitors 3:38
8. Watching Over Pedro :53
9. Destroying the Armada 5:35
10. Cholula Hostages/Ominous Drums/Catana is Enciente 5:13
11. Cortez Returns from Villa Rica/De Silva Reappears 5:41
12. De Silva Murdered 6:48
13. Assembly 1:59
14. Conquest 4:11

In this big-budget historical adventure, Tyrone Power stars as Pedro De Vargas, a young and impetuous nobleman in 16th Century Spain. Pedro helps to free a slave who belongs to Diego De Silva (John Sutton), but this proves to be a mistake, as Diego is one of the leaders of the Inquisition. Diego soon brands Pedro a heretic, puts his family behind bars, and subjects his 12-year-old sister to torture so horrible it kills her. An outraged Pedro plots his escape, with the help of his friend Juan Garcia (Lee J. Cobb) and hot-blooded peasant girl, Catana Perez (Jean Peters). Pedro and his friends help his parents make their way out of Spain, and he soon joins forces with Hernando Cortez (Cesar Romero), who has an ambitious plan to sail to the new world in search of gold. However, a vengeful Diego uses his powers to foil Cortez, and when Diego is murdered, Pedro becomes the key suspect in the crime. Captain From Castile was shot on location in Morales, Mexico, where an active volcano slowed production, causing delays that expanded the film's budget to a then-extravagant $4.5 million. Also stars Antonio Moreno, Barbara Lawrence, and Thomas Gomez. 1947

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