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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: QR338

Composed by: Ivan Palomares

Quartet Records presents the delightfully emotional Ivan Palomares score for the delicate fantasy film directed by Zoe Berriatúa, En las estrellas

Victor is a film director, alcoholic, unemployed and depressed since his wife passed away. He reads his nine-year-old son, Ingmar, scripts of the films he expects to shoot someday: a marvelous world of fantastic creatures, robots and impossible places, coming from the imagery of the hundreds of movies they have seen together. However, the real world seems to be an increasingly difficult place to live in. Father and son will need to grow up … at the risk of having to leave their dreams behind.

The music has been composed, orchestrated and conducted by young Spanish composer Iván Palomares, whose score invokes daydreams and fantasy, full of beautiful and delicate melodies, close to the style used by Nicola Piovani for the Taviani brothers’ films. Performed by the RTVE Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Palomares, this score is one of the most refreshing surprises of recent Europa cinema.

1. Main Theme (Tema principal ) (2:31)
2. Cinema and Escape From the Landfill (El cine y huida del vertedero) (1:14)
3. Neighbourhood of Old Times (Barrio de antaño) (1:41)
4. The Vertov Theatre (Cines Vertov) (1:20)
5. In the Pub (En el bar) (1:43)
6. Angela in the Garbage and the Kiss (Ángela en la basura y el beso) (2:45)
7. Victor Drunk in his Puddle (Víctor borracho en su charco) (0:59)
8. Shooting a Movie in the Street (Rodaje en la calle) (0:44)
9. Victor and Angela Dancing on the Moon (Víctor y Ángela bailando en la luna) (0:53)
10. Tell Me More About the Story, Victor (Sigue contándome la historia, Víctor) (0:47)
11. Ingmar Sleeps (Ingmar duerme) (0:52)
12. Angela in the Bathub (Ángela en la bañera) (1:58)
13. Toys (Juguetes) (1:04)
14. House on Fire (Casa en llamas) (1:40)
15. Victor in His Scorched Home (Víctor en su casa quemada) (1:33)
16. Victor in His Scorched Home - Alternate (Víctor en su casa queamada- Alternativa) (1:11)
17. Angela in the Burnt Remnants (Ángela entre los restos quemados) (1:02)
18. Escape From the Gym Class (Huída de la clase de gimnasia) (1:50)
19. On the Road 1 (En la carretera 1) (0:37)
20. Dodging the Police (Esquivando a la policía) (1:05)
21. Ye Old Manor (El viejo caserón) (0:43)
22. Pictures (Fotografías) (0:53)
23. On the Road 2 (En la carretera 2) (0:44)
24. The Dystopian Movie Set (El decorado del cine distópico) (1:30)
25. Did You Forget About Me? (¿Te has olvidado de mi?) (3:56)
26. I Don’t Love You Anymore (Ya no te quiero) (2:59)
27. Memories in the Stars (Recuerdos en las estrellas) (2:18)
28. End Credits (Créditos finales) (4:15)

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