Morgan is the leader of the pack at age 11. She is a long-coated "American" version German Shepherd, and runs the office and the house. Her nickname is "Girl about the Mountain."

Cheyenne at 9 is the No. 2 female in the bunch with a mind of her own. She is a Shiloh Shepherd and with a plush coat. Both Morgan and Cheyenne are "big girls" at 90 plus pounds.

Wilson is the namesake of the film score album "Wilson" and is 2 and a half years old. He is a big boy at 130 pounds and still growing. An outgoing and affable "pup," Wilson tends to make friends easily.

Newest arrival, Hank, will soon be known as "Hank the Tank." Hank's father weighs 141 pounds and his grandfather weighs 173 pounds. Hank and Wilson are both are long-coated German Shepherds, and make great watch dogs.