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Our Price: $14.95
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Number: LKSO35136.2

Composed by: Jeff Russo

Grand, glorious, hopeful, heartbreaking, intimate, bittersweet, tense, soaring, surprising. Over 51 years, in it's many iterations, there's been no shortage of adjectives to describe the music of Star Trek," said co-creator Alex Kurtzman. "On the other hand, the list of composers capable of capturing them all is short, and this is where Jeff Russo comes in. Jeff manages to hold each note in beautiful balance, evoking the nostalgia of Alexander Courage's original theme while scoring Discovery with his own unique ear and heart. We're lucky to have him, and we hope you'll love his music as much as we do.

1 Main Title (Aired Version) 1:33
2 We Come in Peace 1:22
3 First Officer's Log 1:09
4 I'll Go 7:59
5 The Day is Saved 3:10
6 Torchbearer 1:56
7 Ptsd 2:36
8 Persistence 1:04
9 Stranded 4:12
10 What Did You Mean by That? 1:05
11 I Can't Dance 1:53
12 Captain Mudd 2:46
13 Stella 2:05
14 Facing Off 4:50
15 Undetermined 1:51
16 Watch the Stars Fall 1:59
17 Weakened Shields 4:21
18 What's Happening? 1:00
19 Personal Log 1:38
20 The Charge of Mutiny 2:08
21 Main Title (Extended) 2:10

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