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Our Price: $1.95
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Number: OOPMSM08014

Composed by: Guy Farley

Sample Tracks
Name Number
The Flock - Titles 01
Beatrice Belle 05
Wolf Attack 18
Alison’s Destiny 23
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Exploring the darker side of his musical voice, Guy Farley (Land of the Blind and The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey) provides a truly ominous and frightening orchestral score for this thriller starring Richard Gere and Claire Danes. In a style that will remind aficionados of Howard Shore’s eerie genre scores (Seven and Silence of the Lambs), Farley’s Flock music makes use of dark and dense orchestrations with subtle electronic elements – but it is also yet another example of the composer’s knack for thematic writing and several themes and motifs creates unity and coherence in the work. Essentially, Guy produced two versions of his score for the film - the second version features more aggressive brass and percussion as well as dissonant string writing. Our album features the best of both versions of the score! - Courtesy of MovieScore Media

1. The Flock - Titles 5:23
2. Viola’s Story 1:29
3. Errol Paranoia 1:28
4. Edmund Predator 4:08
5. Beatrice Belle 1:19
6. The Abduction of Harriet 1:28
7. Usual Suspects 1:42
8. The Den 4:11
9. Scene of the Crime 2:33
10. People are Lies 2:03
11. Gunpoint 2:09
12. Harriet Captive 1:37
13. Another Missing Girl 1:14
14. Viola’s Apartment 1:29
15. Alison to Work 1:41
16. Midnight Meet 1:30
17. The Farm 2:57
18. Wolf Attack 1:50
19. Trailer Park 4:07
20. Out of Control 1:10
21. Harriet’s Home 1:53
22. Official Departure 0:46
23. Alison’s Destiny 3:11

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