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Our Price: $1.95
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Number: OOPMSM10003

Composed by: Zacarias M. de la Riva

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Titles 01
Diego Disappears 04
Hallucination 06
Mateo Burgos and The Green House 11
Wake Up and Remember 19
Play All Tracks

Working for the second time with talented Spanish composer Zacarías M. de la Riva (who was recently nominated for an IFMCA Award for our Imago Mortis score), we are excited to present the highly emotional, c and exciting orchestral score from Spanish drama thriller Hierro. De la Riva’s score for the film is a dark journey where dissonant writing (inspired by Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki’s avant garde music) meets stirringly captivating suspense and action music that recalls the music of soundtrack masters Bernard Herrmann and Jerry Goldsmith and beautiful, reflective solo piano music. Music performed by The Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

1. Titles 2:44
2. Car Accident 1:40
3. Aquarium 0:37
4. Diego Disappears 3:27
5. Headquarters 1:51
6. Hallucination 2:20
7. Bathroom 1:08
8. The Island 1:24
9. The Teacher 2:16
10. Running 0:58
11. Mateo Burgos and The Green House 4:44
12. Wohnwagen 1:34
13. German Woman 2:43
14. In the Car 3:03
15. Hide and Seek 2:00
16. Hospital 2:40
17. Diego 1:55
18. Requiem for a Caravan 2:00
19. Wake Up and Remember 4:20
20. Farewell 4:41
21. H2O 2:51

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