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Our Price: $64.95
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Number: OOPGDMCLUB7080

Composed by: Ennio Morricone

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Oceano 01
Il vento è vento e soffia dove vuole 06
Tanai 07
Partenza (#2) 19
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"Oceano" is a 1971 documentary movie written and directed by Folco Quilici. A Polinesian fisherman called Tanai begins a journey between reality and legend on a canoa to find two sacks of clay in the “High islands” where to plant the urù, the bread tree. The young man will meet giant mantas, flocks of migratory birds, tortoises and also a dutch baron survivor in those seas who escaped the western civilization. Ennio Morricone has written a very evocative soundtrack that describes musically all the exotic atmosphere of those places where a magic main theme is featured. For this special edition the complete master tapes in stereo were used digitally restored and remastered.

1. Oceano (04:03)
2. Isola di Pasqua (02:01)
3. Vulcano (01:01)
4. Speranza per una terra amica (01:36)
5. Le maschere morte (02:43)
6. Il vento è vento e soffia dove vuole (04:47)
7. Tanai (02:18)
8. Odissea (01:58)
9. Notte (01:40)
10. Piccola ouverture (01:46)
11. Viaggio (03:03)
12. Il Sole è il Sole e brucia ciò che vuole (03:30)
13. Partenza (02:14)
14. Il vento è il vento e soffia dove vuole (#2) (10:42)
15. Viaggio (#2) (01:23)
16. Oceano (#2) (02:03)
17. Isola di Pasqua (#2) (04:11)
18. Notte (#2) (04:24)
19. Partenza (#2) (01:13)
20. Odissea (#2) (03:34)
21. Oceano (#3) (06:19)
Tracks 14-21 previously unreleased

Total Duration: 01:06:29

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