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Our Price: $1.95
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Number: OOPMSM10012

Composed by: Pinar Toprak

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Lost Love 01
You Mustn't Go 03
How to Catch a Lobster 04
The Lobster & The Horse 06
I Never Stopped Caring 16
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Taking a wonderfully old-fashioned, thematic approach with the music firmly rooted in the tradition of melody, up and coming composer Pinar Toprak has written a very romantic score for Daniel Adams' drama, The Lightkeepers. Set in the year 1912 on Cape Cod, the film tells the story about love, romance and friendship with Richard Dreyfuss playing the lead as an old, grumpy lightkeeper. The music is scored for strings, woodwinds, piano and fiddle and fuses long melody lines and beautiful harmony with American folk music elements. The music has been described as "wistful," "lovely," "lush," and "engaging" in various reviews of the film. We are proud to bring you this romantic orchestral score that stays in your heart for a long time!

1. Lost Love 6:19
2. The Lightkeeper's Assistant 1:57
3. You Mustn't Go 2:29
4. How to Catch a Lobster 1:27
5. Daily Swim 2:04
6. The Lobster & The Horse 1:51
7. John's Letter 0:54
8. My Name Is John Brown 3:00
9. Are You Married? 1:23
10. I Was Happier 1:23
11. You Are Russell Brooks 2:38
12. The Women Are Coming 0:59
13. Seth & Emeline 2:21
14. John, The Women & The Wasps 0:59
15. The Light Is Off! 0:57
16. I Never Stopped Caring 8:12
17. Bennie Is In Town 1:20
18. She Belongs In Here / John's Rescue 6:35
19. Woman Haters No More 1:19

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