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Our Price: $7.95
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Number: LLLCD1147

Composed by: Miles Goodman

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Main Title 01
Monkey Capers 03
Wounded Dunston 09
Food Fight 12
Sweet Dunston 13
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Presenting the premiere release of composer Miles Goodman’s (DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, HOUSESITTER, WHAT ABOUT BOB) original score to the 1996 Twentieth Century Fox family feature film DUNSTON CHECKS IN, starring Jason Alexander, Faye Dunaway, Eric Lloyd and Rupert Everett, directed by Ken Kwapis. Mr. Goodman fashions a delightful, sophisticated orchestral score in the grand comic farce tradition - bursting with energy and themes - to buoy all the rambunctious fun of the lead simian’s adventures within a posh, five-star hotel. Produced by Nick Redman and Michael Matessino, and mastered by Daniel Hersch at DigiPrep, this release is limited to 1200 units and features in-depth liner notes, including comments from the film’s director and others, by film music writer Daniel Schweiger.

1. Main Title (5:19)
2. Meet Dunston (3:35)
3. Monkey Capers (7:56)
4. Candid Dunston (5:33)
5. Dunston Hides Out (4:48)
6. Man and Monkey (3:47)
7. Greenhouse (2:18)
8. Pongo Pygmaeus (3:22)
9. Wounded Dunston (3:24)
10. Montage And Search (2:33)
11. The Bite (1:36)
12. Food Fight (9:35)
13. Sweet Dunston (3:14)

Total Running Time: 57:00

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