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Our Price: $24.95
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Number: VCL11101115

Composed by: John Williams

Sample Tracks
Name Number
The First Séance 01
The Mystery Woman 03
The White Mustang 10
Maloney’s Exit 12
The Search Montage 15
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The most important, previously unreleased, John Williams score finally comes to CD, and it only took 34 years! Here it is … John Williams’ 1976 score for Alfred Hitchcock’s final film – Family Plot.

Only the film’s spirited End Title has ever been released previously. At long last, the entire magical, mischievous and macabre score is available. Family Plot is a very important score for Williams in that it established a certain approach and tone of writing that he would further explore in such diverse later scores as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Home Alone, The Witches of Eastwick and Harry Potter, among others.

A wealthy old woman hires a con man (Bruce Dern) and a phony psychic (Barbara Harris) to find her long-lost nephew. The results are diabolically funny as this suspense-comedy combines mystery and mayhem in nonstop excitement from beginning to end.

1. The First Séance (5:29)
2. Blanche’s Challenge (2:09)
3. The Mystery Woman (3:27)
4. The Rescue Of Constantine / The Diamond Chandelier (2:21)
5. Kitchen Pranks (2:08)
6. The Shoebridge Headstone (2:23)
7. Maloney’s Visit To The Jewelry Store / Maloney’s Knife / The Stake Out (4:58)
8. The Second Séance (2:20)
9. Nothing Held Back (:37)
10. The White Mustang (1:19)
11. Blanche And George (1:17)
12. Maloney’s Exit (2:03)
13. Share And Share Alike (:54)
14. The Mondrian Shot / The Revealed Identity (1:47)
15. The Search Montage (3:41)
16. Blanche’s Arrival / Blanche’s Note (2:29)
17. Blanche Gets The Needle (3:03)
18. Breaking Into The House (5:16)
19. The Secret Door / Blanche Wakes Up (1:39)
20. End Cast (4:14)
21. Family Plot Theme (2:38)
22. The Stonecutter (6:35)

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