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Number: CPT1003

Composed by: Dimitri Tiomkin

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Prelude /The Stalkers/The Rape 01
The Belden Ranch/The Scar 04
Memories With Craig/Linda Enters 16
Real Trouble/Rick Belden’s Death 25
THE LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL (Prelude, original version—unused vocal) 30
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Last Train From Gun Hill (1959) reunited several filmmakers from one of the western genre’s most celebrated classics, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957): producer Hal Wallis, director John Sturges, cinematographer Charles Lang Jr., actor Kirk Douglas and composer Dimitri Tiomkin. Douglas plays Marshal Matt Morgan, whose wife is raped and killed by the son of an old friend, cattle baron Craig Belden (Anthony Quinn). Morgan’s attempt to bring the murderer to justice is the focus of the action, and Carolyn Jones as Belden’s abused mistress adds another dimension to the human drama. Tiomkin’s score—largely based on an unused song—is colorful and melodic in the composer’s trademark western style.

This premiere release of Last Train From Gun Hill is newly remastered from 35mm three-track stereo music masters supplemented by cues from the film’s finished monaural music stem, given a light stereo ambiance to enhance listenability. Bonus cues include source music, alternates, and a demo version of Tiomkin’s song (with lyrics by Paul Francis Webster) performed by jazz vocalist Kitty White. Frank K. DeWald’s notes on the production and score are illustrated with numerous film stills selected by designer Jim Titus.

2000 edition.

1. Prelude /The Stalkers/The Rape 5:29
2. The Ride for Help/Return to Tragedy 1:01
3. The Dead Squaw 1:44
4. The Belden Ranch/The Scar 4:27
5. Matt Leaves Pawley 1:39
6. The Train to Gun Hill :43
7. The Belden Cattle Company/The Guilty One :58
8. Matt Traps Craig 1:36
9. Trouble Ahead/Visit to Sheriff 1:32
10. Back at the Ranch :59
11. Craig in Action/Searching 2:25
12. Linda Again 1:32
13. Rick Belden’s Capture 2:38
14. Belden Heads for Town 1:29
15. The Shooting Starts :55
16. Memories With Craig/Linda Enters 3:08
17. A Stolen Moment 1:58
18. No Deal :39
19. Watchful Waiting/Eight-Thirty-Part I 2:22
20. Eight-Thirty-Part III 1:08
21. The Chips Are Down :44
22. Linda and the Shotgun 2:23
23. Matt and Rick Fight 1:42
24. Ride to THE Station 1:01
25. Real Trouble/Rick Belden’s Death 1:30
26. Finale 2:14


27. Music Hall Dance 1:44
28. The Horseshoe Waltz 1:58
29. Prelude (THE LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL, first revision) 2:00
30. THE LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL (Prelude, original version—unused vocal) 2:01 Performed by Kitty White.
31. THE LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL (Prelude, original version—instrumental) 2:00
32. THE LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL (demo Version) 2:27 Performed by Kitty White.

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