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Number: BSXCD8890

Composed by: Guido De Angelis, John Scott, Maurizio De Angelis

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Yor’s Theme 01
Aerial Assault 03
March Of The Overlord 11
The Revolution Begins 13
The Final Battle 24
Yor’s World 29
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The film tells the story of YOR (Brown), a great hunter who wears a mysterious golden medallion and has no memory of his past. Yor comes to the rescue of a primitive tribe and learns of the existence of another person who has a medallion like his. His new friends are attacked by a tribe of mysterious Ape Men and the beautiful Ka-Laa (Clery) is abducted. Yor sets off to save her, with the help of her guardian, Pag (Piggozi). After rescuing Ka-Laa (with help from a recently deceased pterodactyl), Yor continues his journey to find the other person who carries the same medallion he wears. Yor finds the object of his search in the form of Queen Roa, living amongst a strange tribe of fire worshippers. Rescuing Roa from the Fire People, she joins Yor and his friends but finds herself in conflict with Ka-Laa who wants Yor for herself. After Roa is mortally wounded when they are ambushed by the Ape Men, she reveals to him that they both come from the same place: a castle on a mysterious island, in the middle of a great ocean and Yor resumes his quest. While they are resting in a fishing village, the villagers are attacked by armor-clad men, carrying advanced weapons. Yor and his friends take a boat through a great storm to the mysterious island, where he discovers the truth about his past. The island houses the remains of a technologically advanced society, ruled by the dark Overlord (Steiner). His past revealed, Yor is forced to choose between his new friends or to become a part of the Overlord’s Great Plan to take over the world.

YOR is an ambitious mash-up of sword and sorcery, prehistoric fantasy and post-apocalyptic science fiction. Originally designed as a mini-series for Italian television, IL MONDO DI YOR was comprised of four hour-long episodes, from which the feature film version was culled. The producers of YOR initially hired composer John Scott to write a traditional orchestral score but realized they were going to need more music for the project and hired Italian composers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis to compose additional music. The De Angelis Brothers chose a musical approach that mixed pop tunes, electronic rhythms and gentle orchestral melodies, along with a theme song for the hero of the piece. Ultimately, very little of John Scott’s music ended up being used in the film version of YOR and even the music composed by the De Angelis Brothers was modified, cropped and moved around in the film’s final mix.


1. Yor’s Theme (1:37)
2. Main Title (Unused) (2:03)
3. Aerial Assault (2:27)
4. Death Rules This Land (4:05)
5. Queen Roa (1:48)
6. At The Waterfall (1:40)
7. Ambushed (2:14)
8. Search For Ka-Laa (1:43)
9. Seaside Idyll (2:44)
10. Journey To The Island (2:23)
11. March Of The Overlord (1:18)
12. Mysterious Island (3:11)
13. The Revolution Begins (4:09)
14. Reinforced (1:36)
15. Final Battle/Race To The Shuttle (5:00)
16. Yor’s Theme (Reprise) (1:37)
17. Ka-Laa’s Dance (2:26)


18. Flight From The Cavern (3:28)
19. Get Into The Seaside (1:38)
20. Roa’s Death (2:18)
21. The Bombed Village (1:49)
22. Yor and Roa At The Waterfall (1:36)
23. The Journey (2:31)
24. The Final Battle (5:35)
25. Hurricane (2:28)
26. Fight With The Firemen (2:02)
27. Yor’s Memories (0:34)
28. The Sacrifice Of The Fire (1:49)
29. Yor’s World* (4:35)

Total Time: 73:38

* Music by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis
Lyrics by Barbara Antonia, Susan Duncan-Smith, Pauline Hanna and Cesare De Natale • Performed by Oliver Onions

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