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No. Tracks: 17
Composed by: Ken Thorne

London Symphony Orchestra.

Original Release Title: The Film Music Of Ken Thorne Volume 3

This colorful, special-effects-laden adventure is the perfect cure for a rainy Saturday afternoon at home with the kids, or any other time the viewer is interested in having some mindless fun at the movies. It tells the story of a courageous prince who faces all sorts of danger to save his true love from a nasty necromancer. Along the way, a beautiful street urchin gives the good prince a magical rose with which to destroy the wicked wizard. Stars Christopher Lee, Mickey Rooney, Art Malik and Peter Cushing. 1979

1. Dawn (Main Title) (02:18)
2. The Princess (00:48)
3. The Marketplace (00:49)
4. A Plea For Help (01:53)
5. First Chase (04:15)
6. The Visions / The Quest (03:06)
7. The Last Hope (02:25)
8. Flying Carpet Take-Off (01:54)
9. Palace Guards In Pursuit (02:28)
10. Black Magic (02:21)
11. The Cave (01:12)
12. The Guardian (02:09)
13. Lurking & Sneaking (02:29)
14. Escape / True Love (03:12)
15. The Rebellion Begins (03:31)
16. Flying Carpet Dogfight (02:35)
17. Final Battle / Victory & End Title (07:44)

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