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Number: KRONCD014

Composed by: Andre Matthias

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Far Away Eyes (Main Theme) 01
Is That All I Meant to You? 03
Six Words 06
Trial by Water 09
Love Kills 11
Last Man Standing 12
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Limited to 300

A Stanley J. Orzel Film, produced by Maria Lo Orzel; starring Will Yun Lee and Miguel Ferrer. Music composed by Andre Matthias, who in the director's own words "boldly used haunting flutes, stirring strings and deep percussion to heighten the character’s expressions and reflections. The way his artistic score blended Asian cadence with Western symphonic sound was brilliant. It was an unpredictable fusion of eastern passion and western sensibilities."

1. Far Away Eyes (Main Theme) 2:38
2. Big Trouble in Little Macau 3:44
3. Is That All I Meant to You? 2:56
4. I Never Expected Her 2:36
5. Pack Rat 1:23
6. Six Words 4:26
7. Death of a Penguin 1:21
8. Big Brawl in Terra Haute 3:03
9. Trial by Water 3:01
10. Your Final Answer? 3:49
11. Love Kills 2:24
12. Last Man Standing 1:49
13. Just One Moment 4:19
14. Like Ashes (by Mad Carousel) 3:11
15. Four Assassins (End Theme) 3:47

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