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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: INTISC233

Composed by: Elmer Bernstein

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Seal/Main Title 01
The Forbidden Room 04
Sierra Source 06
Lots Of Lovely Ceilings 09
Play All Tracks

Treat for Elmer Bernstein fans! Complete soundtrack to epic-length 1964 saga with George Peppard, Carroll Baker, Alan Ladd gets world premiere release in stereo from newly-discovered 35mm three-channel masters PLUS first-ever CD release of original 1964 re-recording composer made for Ava label, presented from also recently found actual mint-condition album masters! Bernstein anchors score with one of his most exciting main titles ever. Powerful rhythmic ostinato in trombones, tuba drive music forward while high-register trumpets scream primary theme above. Thrilling cue! Bernstein also supplies episodic tale of ambitious heel during early part of 20th-century with variety of dramatic cues, richly flowing love theme, period music, more. Paramount Pictures created brand new masters for this release. CD also features CD premiere of brief but terrific original 1964 album Bernstein re-recorded for Ava label back in the day. (Several famous Bernstein scores from that period were re-recorded by him especially for Ava label, including TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, WALK ON THE WILD SIDE, CARETAKERS, BABY THE RAIN MUST FALL & CARPETBAGGERS. They were the only original albums made for all of those films.) The Ava recordings were vibrant, stereo albums played by top West-coast musicians under Bernstein's baton. Hearing THE CARPETBAGGERS in both the original soundtrack performances and in the subsequent album versions is a joy! Flipper cover art offers both Ava album artwork, original film campaign artwork. Take your pick! Elmer Bernstein conducts both recordings. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain! - INTRADA

01. Seal/Main Title 2:26
02. A Maverick 0:52
03. Rina's Record 3:32
04. The Forbidden Room 2:42
05. Sierra Source (Alternate) 1:41
06. Sierra Source 2:39
07. Separate Trails 2:02 Hear This Track
08. Monica's Shimmy 0:31
09 Lots Of Lovely Ceilings 2:02
10. Nevada's Trouble 7:12 Hear This Track
11. Get A Divorce 1:35 Hear This Track
12. Movie Mogul 0:35
13. Two Of A Kind 5:08 Hear This Track
14. Sierra Source Pt. 2 1:42
15. Rina's Dead 1:02
16. Speak Of The Devil 1:29
17. New Star 3:05
18. Bad Bargain 0:51
19. Jonas Hits Bottom 5:39 Hear This Track
20. Finale 1:26
21. Love Theme From The Carpetbaggers 3:10

Total Soundtrack Time: 52:33

Original 1964 Album
22. The Carpetbaggers 2:31
23. Love Theme From The Carpetbaggers 2:40
24. Speak Of The Devil 2:01 Hear This Track
25. Forbidden Room 2:19 Hear This Track
26. The Carpetbagger Blues 3:52
27. Main Title From The Carpetbaggers 2:10
28. New Star 2:16
29. The Producer Asks For A Divorce 2:39
30. Jonas Hits Bottom 2:50
31. Finale 1:44 Hear This Track

Original 1964 Album Time: 25:26

Total Disc Time: 68.01

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