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Our Price: $16.95
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Number: SILCD1372

Composed by: Mark Ayres

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Doctor Who (Opening Theme) 01
Uncharted Territory 04
Indoor Lightning 09
Ace's Adventures Underground 13
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The 26 year long production run of Doctor Who came to a halt in 1989 with Ghost Light (the last story to be filmed but shown before The Curse Of Fenric and Survival). Fans would have to wait 16 years before the next series. The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and his assistant Ace (Sophie Aldred) arrive in Victorian London in 1883 to investigate strange happenings in a large mansion house. Mark Ayres has long been associated with the series both as a composer and with his extensive restoration work as an archivist with the BBC Doctor Who reissue programme. Originally released in 1993 this newly revised and expanded edition is presented here newly remastered from the original tapes along with previously omitted material. It also includes the complete initial demo version of Part One giving a total of 40 tracks.

1. Doctor Who (Opening Theme)
2. The Madhouse
3. Redvers, I Presume
4. Uncharted Territory
5. Heart Of The Interior
6. Gwendoline
7. The Fang Of A Cave Bear
8. Enter Josiah
9. Indoor Lightning
10. Nimrod Observed
11. Time To Emerge
12. Burnt Toast
13. Ace's Adventures Underground
14. Where Is Mamma?
15. Loss Of Control
16. The Way To The Zoo
17. The Hungry Inspector
18. The Memory Teller
19. Lighting The Touchpaper
20. Homo Victorianus Ineptus
21. Out Of The Shadows
22. Light Enlightened
23. Tropic Of Perivale
24. Tricks Of The Light
25. Judgement In Stone
26. Requiem
27. Passing Thoughts
28. Doctor Who (Closing Theme)
29. The Madhouse (alternative)
30. Redvers, I Presume? (alternative)
31. Uncharted Territory (alternative)
32. Heart Of The Interior
33. Gwendoline (alternative)
34. The Fang Of A Cave Bear (alternative)
35. Enter Josiah (alternative)
36. Indoor Lightning (alternative)
37. Nimrod Observed (alternative)
38. Time To Emerge (alternative)
39. Burnt Toast (alternative)
40. Ace's Adventures Underground (alternative)

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