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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: CDDM243

Composed by: Piero Umiliani

Sample Tracks
Name Number
I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 1 01
I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 4 04
I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 8 08
I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 11 11
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Digitmovies is pleased to present, for the first time on CD the complete OST by Piero Umiliani for the film "The Two Parachutists" directed in 1965 by Lucio Fulci and starring Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia , Umberto D'Orsi, Luciano Bonanni, Roberto Camardiel, Monica Randall, Francesca Romana Coluzzi. Franco and Ciccio Impallomeni (Franchi & Ingrassia) are two Sicilian street artists who, after a disastrous performance, decided to emigrate to the United States of America, but they get on the wrong ship and eventually arrive in New Quiracao, the capital of Santa Prisca, oppressed by bloody State dictatorship of General Jose Limar (Camardiel), who is supported by the U.S. and ask them for help in the civil war that opposes baffudos and sbarbados, but the ambassador announced that the American paratroopers defend only their fellow citizens and attack the rebels only if offended first. Limar architects then a trick: take two prisoners from the concentration camp, disguise them by paratroopers and create turmoil with the baffudos in order to burst the hostility between them and the US army. For the task are chosen Franco and Ciccio, that were immediately captured on their arrival, but they even manage to come to power: Ciccio can then use the title of Ciccio I, dictator of Santa Prisca. Their political experience lasts very little: subsequently arrested by the Americans, finally take a plane believing to arrive in the States, but they are forcibly conducted to Vietnam. This CD with a duration of 41:28 minutes was possible thanks to the friends of Beat Records, where the master was assembled using the mono master tapes of the original session. Maestro Umiliani composed a funny circus theme for "Head credits" (Tr. 1), alternating with the music of the atmosphere with an Arab flavour (Tr. 2), to western-style Deguello music (Tr. 3, Tr.15 , Tr.16), Waltz (Tr.4), Mexican Mariachi (Tr.6), American march (Tr.7), a wild South American dance music for trumpet (Tr.8), suspense (Tr.9).

1. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 1 1:42
2. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 2 2:20
3. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 3 1:50
4. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 4 2:08
5. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 5 2:15
6. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 6 2:31
7. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 7 1:55
8. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 8 1:06
9. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 9 2:00
10. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 10 2:09
11. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 11 2:22
12. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 12 2:31
13. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 13 2:16
14. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 14 2:19
15. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 15 2:31
16. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 16 2:33
17. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 17 2:58
18. I DUE PARÀ - Seq. 18 2:08

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