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Number: VARVSD7229

Composed by: Ramin Djawadi

The Machine delivers another gripping season’s worth of potential criminal targets for the Person of Interest team. With Finch (Michael Emerson) missing — kidnapped in last season's finale cliffhanger — Reese (Jim Caviezel) enlists Detectives Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) to join the search for his friend on the second season premiere. Will Reese and his team find Finch before it's too late? Or will Finch's kidnapper learn of The Machine's location first? Who will be the next person of interest? These and other compelling questions are answered in Season Two of this riveting series.

1. Crash Of Death (3:11)
2. Contingency Plan (1:43)
3. The Man Who Sold The World (3:12)
4. New Number (1:38)
5. Mi Familia (3:11)
6. Lionel (3:00)
7. 3.1415... (1:16)
8. Until We Meet Again (1:15)
9. Shaw (2:56)
10. Threat To National Security (2:22)
11. Prisoner’s Dilemma (1:48)
12. Niet Nog Een Keer Leon (1:39)
13. High Roller (2:38)
14. Sorry I Tried To Kill You (1:58)
15. Virus Within A Virus (2:20)
16. I Always Told Cal To Be Careful (1:42)
17. Descent Into Deviant Behavior (2:10)
18. But What About You? (2:23)
19. All In (4:23)
20. Luck Of The Irish (1:10)
21. HR (1:32)
22. Day 3191 (3:07)
23. God Mode (7:40)

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