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Name: GDM
Number: GDM4170

Composed by: Ennio Morricone

Matteo Zanoni lives in Rome together with Libera-Anarchia Valente from whom he has two sons: Carlo and Anna. The woman, daughter of an exiled to Ustica by fascists can't stay silent and is before being exiled for 5 years she is sent with her family to Livorno and Modena and is surveiled by political commissioner Franco Testa. The war bursts out and Matteo tries to earn a living some how moving to Padova. Carlo, now a young guy is in the resistance, Libera replenish tha partisans with weapons. Many of them die during the war. Once it's finished Carlo frees his mother from prison and once again together Libera finds out that Testa is again employed in the mayor offices. When she protests she will be shot a fascist sniper.

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