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Number: MMS13022/KRONCD035

Composed by: Frank Ilfman

Frank Ilfman, whose other credits include Nemesis Game, The Ferryman and Mercenaries, has written one of this year's most elegant scores in the darker school of orchestral film music with his music for the acclaimed Big Bad Wolves. The film recently received an impressive 11 Israeli Academy Award nominations and has been very well received during festival screenings. Combining thriller elements with mordant humor, Big Bad Wolves was described by The Hollywood Reporter as "fiendishly clever" featuring "mind-bending plot twists". Ilfman's music is centered on an interesting main theme which effectively contrasts minor and major chords, creating a noir-ish mood, and also features major action set-pieces.

1. Big Bad Wolves: Main Theme (4:15)
2. Hide and Seek: Opening Titles (4:10)
3. The March (2:00)
4. Scream for Me (3:16)
5. The Chair of Horror (2:41)
6. The Phone Call (1:46)
7. The Chase (3:15)
8. Help Me (2:38)
9. Saved by the Bell (2:45)
10. A Story About a Little Girl (4:16)
11. Hammer and Bones (1:55)
12. Man Rides a Horse (1:35)
13. The Truth Wil Set You Free (2:42)
14. The Green House (3:53)
15. Now Talk (2:00)
16. Bike vs Car (2:37)
17. The Last Breath (3:48)
18. The Missing Girl and Epilogue (4:48)

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