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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: INTMAF7130

Composed by: Richard Band

Welcome reissue of popular Richard Band soundtrack for Stuart Gordon cult horror picture with Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Bruce Abbott. Tongue-placed-in-cheek terrors, with gore galore, inspire composer Band to play with Bernard Herrmann-style music for psychos and corpses, both dead and living. Score melds transparent string, keyboard rhythms with full orchestral shocks. One wild ride! Intrada presented premiere release of every cue recorded by Band, then gave initial CD extra value with score from Ghoulies. For this reissue, intent is merely to bring Re-Animator by itself out to new audiences who continually seek out this fun and scary music. Ghoulies is not included. Otherwise, all tracks are identical to earlier version, albeit packaging now boasts colorful new "flipper" cover. Beyond that, owners of Intrada's first edition need not apply! Richard Band conducts Rome Philharmonic Orchestra. CD available now as catalog title in standard Intrada MAF series. - INTRADA

01. Prologue And Main Title (4:13) 02. The Cellar (4:05) 03. Searching For The Body In The Morgue (4:32) 04. Waiting For A Reaction (4:02) 05. Halsey’s Back (1:46) 06. Halsey Alive (1:19) 07. The Lab (0:23) 08. Meg & Dr. Hill (1:08) 09. Parts, Whole Parts (3:40) 10. Halsey Lobotomized 1:39) 11. Body And Soul (3:17) 12. Halsey Grabs Meg (1:09) 13. Corpses Re-Animated (1:31) 14. Corpses Run Amok (6:13) 15. Meg Re-Animated And End Title (3:58)


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