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Number: BSXCD8942

Composed by: Elliot Goldenthal, Eric Clapton

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Air Base 03
Visit to the Ranch 05
A Regular Circus 07
Epilogue 15
Approach To White Light 19
Communion End Title 21
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BUYSOUNDTRAX Records is proud to announce the release of ROSWELL/COMMUNION, featuring new recordings of previously unreleased scores to the films ROSWELL, featuring music composed by Elliot Goldenthal (ALIEN 3, FINAL FANTASY, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE), and COMMUNION, featuring music by legendary guitarist Eric Clapton. Music from these films is presented here in new recordings produced and arranged by composer Brandon K. Verrett, Dominik Hauser and Steve Bartek. With this album release, BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents a pair of late ‘80s/early ‘90s science fiction films about alien encounters, purportedly based on true events, or at least believed-to-be-true events by a large number of witnesses and UFologists.

The music for ROSWELL was composed by Elliot Goldenthal, a young New York composer who had developed an unconventional, cerebral style of musical accompaniment for film, theater, and dance. His first major Hollywood composition was for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel PET SEMATARY in 1989, closely followed by DRUGSTORE COWBOY, ALIEN3 and DEMOLITION MAN. The music provides a documentary-like musical backdrop to the film; its claustrophobic, dissonant resonance is provided not for the suspicion of alien encounters but for the government machine itself and its need to suppress those encounters from the public.

The 1989 thriller COMMUNION was based on novelist Whitley Streiber’s 1987 novel in which he relays his own experiences of being abducted and experimented upon by alien beings. The film was directed from Streiber’s screenplay by French-born filmmaker Philippe Mora. He was friends with Streiber and had actually accompanied him on one pf the weekend trips to the cabin where the abductions were said to have occurred. The film stars Christopher Walken as Streiber and Lindsay Crouse as his wife Anne. COMMUNION is a straightforward account of the events as Streiber described them, graphically depicting the abductions and experimentations through unusual camera angles and perspectives that generate a growing sense of unease as the story plays out.

Music Composed by Elliot Goldenthal
Produced and Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett
1. Main Title (3:12)
2. Meet Again (0:52)
3. Air Base (2:23)
4. The Rumor Starts (0:38)
5. Visit to the Ranch (2:28)
6. Writing From Another World (0:40)
7. A Regular Circus (1:25)
8. Fort Worth (3:11)
9. Scapegoat (0:40)
10. Marcel Returns (2:11)
11. Not Answerable Any More (1:23)
12. The Last Piece (1:10)
13. Second Site (0:32)
14. Visit to the Mortician (0:23)
15. Epilogue (2:51)
16. I’m Still Here (Vocal) (2:19)
Music and Lyrics by Jeremy Kagan
Produced and Arranged by Dominik Hauser
Performed by Nandani Sinha

Music Composed by Eric Clapton
Produced and Arranged by Dominik Hauser
17. Communion Main Title (3:32)
18. Main Theme - Short Version (0:47)
19. Approach To White Light (1:52)
20. Museum Scene (2:23)
21. Communion End Title (5:25)
Produced and Arranged by Steve Bartek

Total Time: 41:08

ROSWELL/COMMUNION is a limited edition release of 1500 units

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