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Number: VAR66367

No. Tracks: 19
Composed by: John Powell

The exciting score for "The Bourne Identity" was composed by one of the newest and most exciting names in film music, John Powell. While his biggest hits have, so far, come from such family film blockbusters as "Shrek" and "Chicken Run," Powell is no less adept at more intense fare, as his acclaimed score for John Woo’s "Face Off" was ample proof.

Set against dramatic European backdrops, "The Bourne Identity: is the story of a man (Matt Damon), salvaged, near death, from the ocean by an Italian fishing boat. When he recuperates, the man suffers from total amnesia, without identity or background - except for a range of extraordinary talents in fighting, linguistic skills and self defense that speak of a dangerous past. He sets out on a desperate search - assisted by the initially rebellious Marie (Franka Potente) - to discover who he really is, and why he’s being lethally pursued by assassins. 2002

1. Main Titles (4:17)
2. Bourne Gets Well (1:20)
3. Treadstone Assassins (2:09)
4. At The Bank (4:07)
5. Bourne On Land (1:42)
6. Escape From Embassy (3:12)
7. The Drive To Paris (1:24)
8. The Apartment (3:23)
9. At The Hairdressers (1:29)
10. Hotel Regina (2:11)
11. The Investigation (1:34)
12. Taxi Ride (2:43)
13. At The Farmhouse (2:54)
14. Jason Phones It In (3:54)
15. On Bridge Number 9 (1:41)
16. Jason's Theme (3:20)
17. Mood Build (3:34)
18. The Bourne Identity (6:02)
19. Drum And Bass Remix (2:13)

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