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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: FSM0516

No. Tracks: 36

The Prize (1963)
Limited Edition of 3,000 Copies.
Composed by: Jerry Goldsmith

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Released by Special Arrangement with Turner Classic Movies Music

The Prize (1963) was an attempt to revive the droll Hitchcock thriller genre at a time when the Master himself had moved on to darker, edgier fare. Paul Newman stars as the Cary Grant-styled lead, a burnt-out, alcoholic novelist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature who must untangle a Cold War espionage plot during the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden. The film blends nail-biting suspense with romantic subplots and witty dialogue (courtesy screenwriter Ernest Lehman, who penned North by Northwest), featuring fine supporting performances by Elke Sommer, Edward G. Robinson and Diane Baker.

The Prize is an early and important score by Jerry Goldsmith, then tackling his first "A" features such as Lonely Are the Brave, Lilies of the Field and Freud. The Prize features an eclectic assortment of styles, from avant garde suspense and pulsating action (akin to The Man From U.N.C.L.E.), to a smooth, romantic love theme and muscular, jazzy main title. The soundtrack features all of the imagination, melody and energy for which Goldsmith is beloved, showcased at a particularly early time in his career. The score also introduces elements of '60s "spy" cool which Goldsmith would further explore in U.N.C.L.E., the Flint movies and related projects.

The Prize was released on LP at the time of the film; however, the album included only four re-recorded Goldsmith cuts combined with popular movie themes having nothing to do with The Prize. FSM's premiere CD (entirely in stereo) features Goldsmith's complete original soundtrack as recorded for The Prize, with bonus tracks of the film's source music as well as the four LP score cuts following the main program. Liner notes are by Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall.

track list

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    The Prize

    Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

  1. Prelude 1:39
  2. Main Title 1:55
  3. Special Delivery/Bottle Party 0:44
  4. Man in Shadow/Stratman's Abduction 1:23
  5. The Night People/The New Doctor 2:58
  6. The Whole Truth/Too Many Women 2:24
  7. The Phone Call/Cab Fare 2:28
  8. Man Hunt 3:34
  9. Silent Treatment/No Friends 1:17
  10. Craig's Proposition 2:30
  11. Inger's Theme 2:29
  12. The Hospital 1:55
  13. Hot Light 1:49
  14. The Escape Act 2:07
  15. Return from Bare 2:14
  16. Rejected Suitor/Free Ride 1:58
  17. The Wrong Blonde 1:30
  18. The Facts/Stake Out/Boarding Party 4:12
  19. A Hole in the Head 1:05
  20. Three Lost People/Escape From the Dock/The Getaway 2:20
  21. Shock Treatment 1:19
  22. The Blade/The Last Act/Daranyi's Exit 2:50
  23. End Title 0:57

    Total Time: 48:19

    Source Music

  24. Juke Box (Andre Previn) 2:54
  25. Just You, Just Me (R. Klages & J. Greer) 2:00
  26. How About You (B. Lane & R. Freed) 2:05
  27. On Green Dolphin Street (B. Kaper & N. Washington) 2:03
  28. Winter Garden (Harold Gelman) 2:24
  29. The Villa (Harold Gelman) 1:00
  30. Fashion Show (Andre Previn) 2:50
  31. Breakfast, Part 2 (Andre Previn) 2:39
  32. King's Song/Prize Fanfare/Nobel March (traditional/H. Gelman/G. F. Handel) 1:15

    Total Time: 19:31

    LP Tracks

  33. Theme From The Prize 2:10
  34. Manhunt 2:44
  35. The Night People 1:58
  36. The Courier 1:32

Total Time: 8:30

Total Disc Time: 76:21

Real Audio may be required for audio clips.
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