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Number: OOPNRP24

Composed by: Simon Kolle


Res Dej Inte! is the debuting original motion picture soundtrack for Simon Kölle, more known for his work with Za Frûmi, Abnocto and Musterion. The film is directed by talented Swedish director Richard Jarnhed, who has directed films, written scripts and worked in the Swedish film industry since the early 90s.

A young guy is brutally beaten by a gang; a girl is threatened for her life to stay silent. Soccer hooligans plan the revenge. But who is really guilty?

A dark, realistic story, the film follows three youth gangs and their time spent on the streets and their lives. Over a relatively short span the characters deal with paranoia, pain, violence and more. This film is powerful and grim. The last scenes are totally unforgettable. The plot comes to a sudden end and there are no truths about what really happened. More than a film, Res dej inte! is a comment about the ongoing violence in society.

A couple of things stand out in the film 'Res Dej Inte!' and one of them is for sure the dark and atmospheric soundtrack. The music was composed with great care and it creates a darkness and focus as much as being authentic, organic and filled with suspense.

Simon worked on the unique sound of the music mixing genres a lot. One could easy see this album as one of the dark ambient genre but more than so taking that genre into the world of cinema. When watching a film, the impact of the music is more deep than you sometimes imagine. If you are a person who has previously not been able to hear and you suddenly get digital hearing aids then you would be amazed by what you hear. Of course the dialogue is important but the music can stir a whole range emotions that you may not even know you could feel.

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