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Number: SILCD1506

Composed by: Stuart Hancock

The hit Saturday night BBC series Atlantis dramatically brought to life the vast store of Greek myths and legends for a new generation. A trio of adventurers led by Jason alongside the studious Pythagoras and the overweight and overbearing Hercules found themselves in a mysterious land, locked into a world of monsters, fabled figures, treachery and deceit. Stuart Hancock's rich and cinematic score provides the perfect accompaniment to these incredible tales Winner of the 2013 Jerry Goldsmith Award, the composer, sound designer and orchestrator has extensive film credits including EMR, One Night In Turin, Hawk and Bodyguard: A New Beginning. His career also features a wealth of compositions for the concert hall, theatre, television and commercials.

1. Atlantis Logo / Journey To Aegina
2. Medea Steals The Palladium
3. Cyclops!
4. I Do It For Love
5. Wise Old Eyes
6. What Is It We Fight For?
7. The Deserters Return
8. Lonely Ariadne
9. Telemon vs Jason
10. Who Is To Blame?
11. Approach Of the Undead
12. Blood Offering
13. The Grey Sisters
14. Stymphalian Birds
15. Medusa Uncaged
16. Pythagoras Sneaks Away
17. Atlantis In Turmoil
18. Making Peace With Poseidon
19. The Sacrifice Of Medusa
20. Pasiphae’s Revelation
21. Mission To The Silver Mines
22. Forest Fight
23. A Mother’s Love
24. Thrown Into The Arena
25. Aeson And Son
26. Rumbled!
27. Pasiphae Confronts Medea
28. Violation Of The Temple
29. Rot In Tartarus
30. Vision Of The Future / Title Theme

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