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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: SAIMEL3998977

Composed by: Arnau Bataller

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Vulcania 01
El descubrimiento 06
Una tragedia 11
Créditos finales 17
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Located in time and place unknown, “Vulcania” is a thriller with dramatic passages and even with some supernatural points.

The score is a fundamental complement to the images, with sound textures according to the characters.

Arnau Bataller, composer of “Ermessenda”, “La herencia Valdemar”, “Heroes”... explains: “The music of Vulcania suggests rather than shows. It creates an atmosphere of mystery and contained tension that accompanies the secrets of community depicted in the film”. The sound is cold and oppressive. It have been mixed electronic sounds with other sounds from metal and rusty materials, with a string orchestra and various acoustic guitars and percussions.

The combination of sounds is amazing and shows the versatility and talent of one of the most prominent Spanish composers of today.

1. Vulcania (2:45)
2. Parte de nuestra historia (3:16)
3. Descubriendo la caja (4:37)
4. Pasa el tiempo (1:54)
5. El accidente (2:33)
6. El descubrimiento (4:47)
7. Ayúdala (3:18)
8. Reproches (2:42)
9. Miradas (1:45)
10. Este infeliz (4:34)
11. Una tragedia (3:05)
12. Buscando (1:58)
13. Vamos (4:16)
14. Cállate (4:35)
15. Iré a buscarte (3:02)
16. El fuego (3:49)
17. Créditos finales (5:38)

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