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Number: NAX8557703

No. Tracks: 18
Composed by: Wojciech Kilar

Polish National Orcestra and Cracow Chorus conducted by Antoni Wit.

Bram Stoker's Dracula
1. The Brides 4:24
2. The Party 2:26
3. Mina/Elizabeth 4:18
4. Vampire Hunters 3:03
5. Mina/Dracula 4:45
6. The Storm 4:11

Konig der letzten Tage
7. Intrada 3:16
8. Sanctus 3:54
9. Canzona 4:05
10. Miserere 2:39
11. Agnus Dei 2:31
12. Gloria 3:41

Death and the Maiden
13. The Confession 4:55
14. Paulina's Theme 3:43
15. Roberto's Last Chance 3:29

The Beads of One Rosary
16. The Beads of One Rosary 4:04

Pearl in the Crown
17. Cue numbers 26-27 1:43
18. Cue numbers 28 2:14

BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA - Based on Bram Stoker's classic 1897 novel, this film from Francis Ford Coppola and screenwriter James Victor Hart offers a full-blooded portrait of the immortal Transylvanian vampire. The major departure from Stoker is one of motivation as Count Dracula (Gary Oldman) is motivated more by romance than by bloodlust. He punctures the necks as a means of avenging the death of his wife in the 15th century, and when he comes to London, it is specifically to meet heroine Mina Harker (Winona Ryder), the living image of his late wife (Ryder plays a dual role, as do several of her costars). Anthony Hopkins is obsessed vampire hunter Van Helsing, while Keanu Reeves takes on the role of Jonathan Harker, and Tom Waits plays bug-eating Renfield. "Bram Stoker's Dracula" was the winner of three Academy Awards. 1992

KONIG DER LETZTEN TAGE - is a biblical epic about a false prophet. Stars Mario Adorf, Omero Antonutti, and Vlastimil Bedrna. Also known as "A King For Burning." 1993

DEATH AND THE MAIDEN - Ariel Dorfman's acclaimed play of the same name serves as the basis for Roman Polanski's drama, which depicts a politically and psychological complex battle of wills amongst three characters in an unnamed South American country. The trio in question is made up of Paulina (Sigourney Weaver), her husband Gerardo (Stuart Wilson), and Dr. Miranda (Ben Kingsley), a seemingly friendly stranger who provided Gerardo with a ride home after a car breakdown. The trouble begins when Paulina claims to recognize Miranda's voice, and accuses him of being the unseen doctor who had subjected her to horrific torture during her days as a prisoner of the country's former government. Miranda, flabbergasted, denies any knowledge of such events, but Paulina is determined to have her revenge. The uncertain Gerardo finds himself caught in the middle, forced to decide if his wife is telling the truth or reacting irrationally due to her past trauma. The confrontation and shifts in power between the three inevitably raises issues of justice and revenge, especially in relationship to the punishment of war criminals. 1994

THE BEADS OF ONE ROSARY - The 116 minutes of the Polish "Beads of One Rosary" passes rather quickly and pleasantly, even though the cast is comprised of nonprofessionals. The central character, played by Augustyn Halotta, is an elderly pensioner who must give up his small house to "progress." Halotta is offered a tiny apartment in a new high-rise, which he automatically refuses. Potentially a tragic tale of human suffering, "Beads of One Rosary" turns out to be a light comedy, blessed with a steady stream of eccentric characters. One leaves the film wanting to see more of the work of the obscure director Kazimierz Kutz. Stars Ewa Wisniewska, Franciszek Pieczka, and Jan Bogdol. Also known as "Paciorki Jednego Rózanca." 1980

PEARL IN THE CROWN - This is the second and more realistic of two films made by Kazimierz Kutz and set in the Silesian coal mines - the other being "Salt of the Earth." Poland was just reforming itself as an independent nation in the 1920s. At the same time, Polish Germans ran the coal mines in Silesia. When the owners made plans to close the coal mines, the miners rose up in revolt, occupying the mines to keep them from being flooded. Their uprising led to Silesia becoming part of the new Poland. This Polish-language film tells the story of the uprising - which is analogous to the recently re-occupied Poland of the early '70s. Stars Jan Englert, Olgierd Lukaszewicz, and Franciszek Pieczka. Also known as "Perla W Koronie." 1980

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