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Number: CINK11

Composed by: Masaru Sato

1. In the main title "kill" (M1T2) (MONO)
2. Hanjiro Tabata, calling on (M2) (MONO)
3. grandmother, but mesylate ...... !? (M3) (MONO)
4. gangster who interfere with the prey (M4) (MONO)
5. prey of the way to your samurai (M5) (MONO)
6. chatelain chief retainer of the basket (M6T2) (MONO)
7. chatelain chief retainer assassination (M7T2) (MONO)
8. two months before the uprising of the site (M9) (MONO)
9. same as two years ago (M10) (MONO)
10. gangster bet only (M11) (MONO)
11. sorrow of Yukino (M12) (MONO)
12. Torideyama arrival (M13) (MONO)
13. frightening the family trouble (M14) (MONO)
14. Genta, move (M15) (MONO)
15. infiltration (M16) (MONO)
16. betrayal and a woman (M17) (MONO)
17. or kill? (M18) (MONO)
18. I can not sleep Yukino (M20) (MONO)
19. woman to the smell of the soil (M21T2) (MONO)
20. Genta and Hanjiro (M22) (MONO)
21. attack (M23) (MONO)
22. The truth of the Samurai (M24) (MONO)
23. rescue (M25T2) (MONO)
24. Genta and Jurota (M26) (MONO)
25. to the original Genta (M27) (MONO)
26. End of the torture (M28) (MONO)
27. wine and women (M29T2) (MONO)
28. Deputy chief retainer Ayuzawa Tamiya (M30) (MONO)
29. ronin Shu, Tokkan! (M31) (MONO)
30. Ayuzawa mansion (M32) (MONO)
31. downpour of rain (M33 END) (MONO)
32. Main Title "kill" (take1) (M1T1) (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
33. chatelain chief retainer of the basket (take1) (M6T1) (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
34. chatelain chief retainer assassination (take1) (M7T1) (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
35. two months before the uprising of the site (take1) (M8T1) (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
36. woman to the smell of the soil (take1) (M21T1) (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
37. rescue (take1) (M25T1) (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
38. wine and women (take1) (M29T1) (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
39. binge (PS) (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)

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