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Our Price: $14.95
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Number: VARVSD6745382

Composed by: Austin Wintory

The first 50 orders will receive an autographed booklet.

ABZÛ is the soundtrack to the best selling video game of the same name (currently a top 10 seller on Steam and Sony’s Playstation online store) composed by Grammy nominated composer, Austin Wintory. The game is a follow up from the creators of the best selling game, Journey. The music for Journey, also composed by Austin Wintory, was the first ever video game score nominated for a Grammy.

1. To Know, Water
2. Heaven Was Not Named
3. Seriola Lalandi
4. And The Earth Did Not Yet Bear A Name
5. Delphinus Delphis
6. No Field Was Formed
7. Caranx Ignobilis
8. Myliobatis Aquila
9. No Destinies Ordained
10. Balaenoptera Musculus
11. Architeuthis
12. Chaos, The Mother
13. Arandaspis Prionotolepis
14. Elasmosaurus Platyurus
15. Ichthyosaurus Communis
16. Osteoglossum Bicirrhosum
17. Their Waters Were Mingled Together
18. Then Were Created The Gods In The Midst Of Heaven

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Posted by petr kocanda on November 17, 2016 2:59 PM
Any update when this will be finally available?

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