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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: FSM0605


Green Fire/Bhowani Junction (1954/1956)
Limited Edition of 3,000 Copies.
Composed by: Miklos Rozsa

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Released by Special Arrangement with Turner Classic Movies Music

Miklós Rózsa scored two films for M-G-M in the mid-1950s set in exotic locations: modern-day Colombia for Green Fire (1954) and post-WWII India for Bhowani Junction (1956). Each movie required foreign sounds, yet the resultant scores are as different as night and day: grandiose symphonic scoring for Green Fire, and atmospheric, indigenous tracks for Bhowani Junction.

Green Fire is an action-adventure romance starring Stewart Granger as an emerald prospector and Grace Kelly as the owner of a Colombian coffee plantation. Granger finds an abandoned emerald mine and is determined to unearth its treasure, but his efforts put all involved in peril. Rózsa's stirring symphonic score features a rarity for him: a title song (with lyrics by Jack Brooks) created from the gorgeous main theme, which is otherwise used in everything from love scenes to the high-adventure thrills. FSM's premiere release features the complete underscore in stereo—long sought by Rózsaphiles—with bonus tracks of source cues and instrumental alternates of the main and end titles.

Bhowani Junction, directed by George Cukor, stars Ava Gardner as a half-caste torn between three loves amidst the English withdrawal from India. The film was shot on location in Pakistan and is a tactile portrait of a country reaching its boiling point. In keeping with the naturalistic presentation, the music is as much of a "non-score" as Rózsa ever composed: almost entirely source music, written in a faux-Indian style. His exotic backings are melodic and atmospheric, but sound unlike any of his traditionally dramatic scores. The cues are presented largely in stereo, with a bonus track culled from monaural masters.

FSM's CD of Green Fire/Bhowani Junction features the two sides of '50s Rózsa "exotica," from dramatic, symphonic strains of Green Fire to the offbeat stylings of Bhowani Junction. Liner notes are by Lukas Kendall.

track list

    Click on track TIME for MP3 sound clip. Click on track title (selected tracks only) for Real Audio.

    Music Composed and Conducted by Miklós Rózsa

    Green Fire

  1. Prelude/Lost Mine 3:15
  2. Leopard 2:18
  3. Mining 1:32
  4. Tropical Night (revised) 2:57
  5. Tropical Night (original version) 2:57
  6. Confessions 1:26
  7. Romanza 2:11
  8. Showdown/Green Fire/Nocturnal Visit/Speech Without Words 4:05
  9. Boulder/Death 2:19
  10. Grave/Alone 1:11
  11. Bonus/Sluicing/Mujer Traidosa 3:31
  12. El Moro 2:21
  13. Courage/Detonator/Fight 4:05
  14. Finale 1:32

    Total Time: 36:06

    Bonus Tracks

  15. Prelude (instrumental) 3:14
  16. Cartagena 2:15
  17. Allegria 2:12
  18. Maringa (instrumental) 2:16
  19. Tejo 1:10
  20. Maringa (vocal) 1:10
  21. Green Fire (guitar version) 0:50
  22. Finale (instrumental) 1:31

    Total Time: 14:58

    Bhowani Junction

  23. Bhowani Station No. 1 2:12
  24. Bhowani Station No. 2 0:45
  25. Street Music No. 1 0:43
  26. Sarina 3:08
  27. Street Music No. 2 0:25
  28. Jikiwiki Miki 0:39
  29. Alakallala 3:19
  30. Indian Rooftops 4:40
  31. Bhowani Station No. 3 0:47
  32. Bonus Suite 10:53

Total Time: 27:52

Total Disc Time: 78:57

Real Audio may be required for audio clips.
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