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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: MBR-129

Composed by: Reinhardt Wagner

Music Box Records is pleased to present on the same CD two original motion picture soundtracks composed by Reinhardt Wagner: La Crime (Cover Up, 1983) directed by Philippe Labro (Chance and Violence, Hunter Will Get You) and Marquis (1989) directed by Belgian film director Henri Xhonneux.

La Crime is a political thriller and tells the story of a police commissioner (Claude Brasseur) who is determined to track down sources of corruption that reach up to the higher echelons of government with the assistance of a dedicated female journalist (Gabrielle Lazure). Reinhardt Wagner provided a very effective and terrific score which features a memorable main theme with wordless vocalization. The composer offers a richly enjoyable mix of 80s-inspired soundtrack scores.

Marquis is loosely based on the life and writings of Marquis de Sade. The cast consisted of actors in period costumes with animal masks, with a separate puppet for de Sade's anthropomorphised "bodily appendage." The film was co-written by French cartoonist Roland Topor who earlier delivered the imagery for the animated cult classic La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet, 1973). In a nod to Nino Rota, the score mixes Baroque music with a mix of strange instrumentation (syncopated voices, electronical sounds…).

This present edition features the remastered original LP program for La Crime (previously issued by General Music) and the previously unreleased score to Marquis. The 8-page booklet features an essay by Nicolas Magenham discussing both films and scores based on an original interview with the composer.


1. La Crime (Chanté) (03:23)
2. Suzy dans la Nuit (01:03)
3. La Concorde (00:37)
4. L'Attente (01:31)
5. Les Tueurs (00:35)
6. Fusillade (00:13)
7. La Crime (Ge´ne´rique De´but) (01:14)
8. Sybille et les Tueurs (00:42)
9. La Brune et la Blonde (01:51)
10. Suzy au Cimetie`re (01:07)
11. Exte´rieur Zoom (00:13)
12. Panique dans l'Ascenseur (00:13)
13. La Fin de Suzy (00:15)
14. Cambriolage (01:05)
15. Demain la Crime (Pré-bande-annonce) (01:29)
16. Griffon (03:39)
17. La Crime (Instrumental) (03:23)
18. Meurtre au Palais (00:43)
19. Parking (01:26)
20. Poursuite Griffon (00:48)
21. Rugby (00:18)
22. La Planque (00:51)
23. La Crime (Ge´ne´rique Final) (02:26)

Total Time 29:57


24. Marquis (Instrumental) (01:09)
25. Générique Début (02:13)
26. Fuite de Pigonou (01:11)
27. Pigonou (01:25)
28. Procope (Synthé) (02:29)
29. Fragments d'Œuvres (01:10)
30. Justine (00:56)
31. Marquis II (Piano) (01:11)
32. Marquis (Voix) (01:49)
33. Juliette (01:17)
34. Final (00:52)
35. Hymne des Citoyens (01:04)

Total Time 17:15

Total Album Time 47:14

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