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Number: C5311

Composed by: Sergei Prokofiev

Frank Strobel conducts the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin.

Ivan the Terrible – the second joint project of Sergei Eisenstein and Sergei Prokofiev – is, much like Alexander Newski, a historical epic, portraying the rise and fall of the autocratic ruler Ivan IV in the 16th century. Sergei Prokofiev’s musical portrayal is unique in film history, for the score conceives both parts of the film on an epic scale. Prokofiev’s rich melodic invention thrives on the expressive sound palette of his native Russia, mostly as they echo the spiritual works of the Russian-orthodox liturgy. These film scores were not published during Prokofiev’s lifetime. They were arranged as an oratorio for soloists, chorus, and orchestra by Levon Atovmyan, one of Prokofiev’s assistants, in 1961. This version received its concert premiere in Moscow that same year. This, however, is the original, straight from the composer’s hands, receiving its world premiere recording. - CAPRICCIO

Disc 1: IVAN THE TERRIBLE (Part 1)

1. Part I: Prologue 00:02:42
2. Part I: Overture 00:02:39
3. Part I: Kyrie eleison 00:02:42
4. Part I: Sonfrony's Cherubic Song 00:00:47
5. Part I: May he live forever! 00:02:50
6. Part I: Sonfrony's Cherubic Song (continued) 00:01:13
7. Part I: Hallelujah 00:00:37
8. Part I: Song of Praise 00:03:31
9. Part I: Ivan's Tent I - Riot 00:06:31
10. Part I: Riot (continued) 00:01:53
11. Part I: The Entrance of the Tartars - Overture (continued) 00:00:55
12. Part I: Cannon are brought to Kazan - Ivan's Tent II - The Tartar 00:03:03
13. Part I: The Cannoneers - The Tartars 00:04:33
14. Part I: Ivan's Tent III 00:00:45
15. Part I: Kurbsky's Trumpets - The Attack 00:01:53
16. Part I: My Soul - Most Merciful Lord 00:05:16
17. Part I: Ivan pleads with the Boyars 00:06:36
18. Part I: The Tartar Steppes 00:00:54
19. Part I: Anastasia is poisoned - Anastasia's Illness 00:06:16
20. Part I: Eternal Remembrance - With all the Saints 00:06:23
21. Part I: Anastasia is poisoned (continued) - Ivan at Anastasia's Coffin 00:01:35
22. Part I: Chorus No. 1 - The Oath of the Oprichniki - Come back! 00:04:08

Disc 2: IVAN THE TERRIBLE (Part 2)

1. Part II: Overture I 00:02:12
2. Part II: Fanfares - Polonaise 00:01:47
3. Part II: Overture II - Orderly Dance I 00:01:02
4. Part II: The Death of Glinskaya I 00:01:11
5. Part II: Ivan's Tent - Overture III 00:01:48
6. Part II: Shuisky and the Keepers of the Hounds I - The Death of Glinskaya II 00:02:04
7. Part II: Anastasia is poisoned 00:00:38
8. Part II: The Death of Glinskaya III 00:00:50
9. Part II: Do not weep for me, Mother 00:02:13
10. Part II: You were told, Judas 00:01:28
11. Part II: Wonderful is God - We are innocent and at their mercy 00:02:37
12. Part II: Overture IV 00:00:38
13. Part II: We are innocent and at their mercy (continued) 00:01:10
14. Part II: The Death of Glinskaya IV 00:01:09
15. Part II: Song of the Beaver 00:03:12
16. Part II: Shuisky and the Keepers of the Hounds II 00:02:33
17. Part II: Chaotic Dance - Orderly Dance II 00:03:11
18. Part II: Song of the Oprichniki I - Orderly Dance III - Shuisky and the Keepers of the Hounds III 00:03:33
19. Part II: Orderly Dance IV 00:01:00
20. Part II: Song of the Oprichniki II 00:02:19
21. Part II: My Soul 00:02:14
22. Part II: The Oath and Song of the Oprichniki III - Chorus No. 2 - Vladimir's Murder 00:04:48
23. Part II: The Entrance of Ivan 00:01:14
24. Part II: Song of the Beaver (continued) 00:01:32
25. Part II: The Oath of the Oprichniki 00:01:26
26. Part II: Come back! 00:01:24

Total Discs Time: 01:56:55

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