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Number: VARVSD6755985

Composed by: David Shepard

Into the Badlands, the hit AMC television series from the producers of Smallville, mixes high caliber martial arts with a post-apocalyptic world approximately 500 years after a war left civilization in ruins. The soundtrack features music by Dave Shephard and the main title theme by Warrior Blade.

1. Into The Badlands Theme (Warrior Blade) (:39)
2. The Greatest Clipper In The Badlands (2:04)
3. Training On The Fort (1:26)
4. Quinn Addresses The Boys (2:12)
5. Sunny Searches His Soul (1:02)
6. Arrival At The Fort (1:40)
7. Sunny Makes A Promise To Veil (1:01)
8. Abbot Fight (6:56)
9. Ryder Won’t Be Baron (1:30)
10. Ride To The River King (1:02)
11. Prelude To A Fight (:44)
12. Sunny Sets MK Free (2:10)
13. Arrival At The Abbots (2:12)
14. Attack At Widow’s House (5:05)
15. Lydia Returns Home (2:34)
16. Lydia Is Inducted (1:07)
17. MK and Tilda (:49)
18. Veil Treats Quinn (1:03)
19. Quinn Clips Dr. And Hannah (2:52)
20. Widow Ambushes Jeep (1:06)
21. The Graveyard Fight (4:21)
22. Sunny and MK Make A Deal (1:12)
23. MK Runs (1:10)
24. River King Deal (1:25)
25. Cogs Are Dead (1:37)
26. The Journey Has Just Begun (1:47)

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