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Our Price: $29.95
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Number: LLLCD1454

Composed by: Elliot Goldenthal

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La-La Land Records, Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Music and Universal Music Special Markets present the expanded and remastered re-issue of the original motion picture score to the 1992 feature film ALIEN 3, starring Sigourney Weaver, Charles S. Dutton and Charles Dance, and directed by David Fincher. Renowned composer Elliot Goldenthal (BATMAN FOREVER, PET SEMETARY, HEAT) composes an astounding musical tapestry of suspenseful atmospherics and pulse-pounding action – featuring some of the most effective cues ever composed for the legendary ALIEN franchise. Goldenthal’s artistic triumphs here would propel him into a series of acclaimed scores to important genre films that continues today. Expanded by more than 40 minutes beyond the original 1992 album assembly (which appears here remastered on Disc 2), the presentation showcases the film score in all its glory, along with bonus alternates. Produced by Nick Redman and Michael Matessino, associate produced by Neil S. Bulk, and remastered and mixed by Matessino from original digital masters, this special 2-CD set is limited to 3500 units and features exclusive in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond and sharp art direction by Mark Banning.

CD 1


1. 20th Century Fox Trademark (Alien Version) / Main Title 4:53
2. Status Reports 2:59
3. The Survivor Is a Woman 1:59
4. The Wreckage 2:08
5. Lullaby Elegy (Extended Version) 5:28
6. The Cremation 4:04
7. Chow Down With the Boys 2:28
8. How Do You Like Your New Haircut? 1:46
9. The First Attack (Film Version) 1:18
10. Appreciative of Your Affections 1:45
11. That’s His Boot 2:29
12. A Mark, A Burn 0:57
13. Wreckage and Rape 2:43
14. Candles in the Wind 3:24
15. Bishop Turned On 2:29
16. You’re Going to Die Too 2:01
17. It’s a Long Sad Story / Clemens Dies 4:21
18. Andrews’ Sting / What Are We Going to Do? 4:53
19. Explosion and Aftermath (Extended Version) 3:13
20. I Have to Get to the Ship 4:17
21. In the Basement 1:33
22. Alien’s Lair 3:33
23. The Beast Within 3:12
24. Visit to the Wreckage 2:05
25. Bait and Chase (Extended Version) 4:56

Total Time – Disc One: 75:05

CD 2

THE?FILM?SCORE (Continued)

1. It’s Started 3:36
2. More Bait and Chase 2:21
3. Trap the Alien / Dillon’s Deliverance 2:04
4. Gotcha / Hello, I Must Be Going 2:29
5. Adagio 4:18

Total Score Time: 89:53


6. The Cremation (Alternate) 4:34
7. You Can Still Have a Life (Alternate) 4:04
8. 20th Century Fox Trademarks / Alien Version 1:15

The Original 1992 MCA Album

9. Agnus Dei 4:29
10. Bait and Chase 4:42
11. The Beast Within 3:10
12. Lento 5:49
13. Candles in the Wind 3:21
14. Wreckage and Rape 2:44
15. The First Attack 4:20
16. Lullaby Elegy 3:41
17. Death Dance 2:17
18. Visit to the Wreckage 2:04
19. Explosion and Aftermath 2:21
20. The Dragon 3:07
21. The Entrapment 3:42
22. Adagio 4:16

Total Time – Disc Two: 75:03

Total Time: 150:08

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