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Number: RR0001-RSRHF

Composed by: Brett Rosenberg

We could say of sadness and fear, perhaps…but also, of sadness and the moment; these emotions live in the length of time weaved between a devastating event and the fleeting ability to cope with it. We could also say of sadness and mystery (or suspense); for the reality that emerges from the secret depths and then arrives on the shore of despair; this could be one of the images (salt, sand, the foam of the waves) upon which Half Light’s plot is built, a movie directed by Craig Rosenberg and starring Demi Moore. The thin line dividing happiness from sadness sometimes cracks, like a rotted, barren reed resting on a river bank, through Brett Rosenberg’s music; a lone lighthouse keeper observing endless sunsets and sunrises who, in his soliloquy, describes the close, deep relationship between those two emotions. Anchored in the classic US cinematographic tradition (in spite of its English origins), Half Light is a supernatural tinged thriller, presenting a disturbing revision of the genre. The story, stark and without clichés, flows over the chords gushing up from the 88 keys of the piano, an instrument of sumptuous tonality which the composer uses to describe now the protagonist’s happiness, now her pain for the loss of her loved one. With an elegant and sorrowful tone the music becomes personal, tracing and illuminating the mental states (“hic et nunc”) that the characters traverse along the way. The composer uses the violin, from the Celtic tradition, as the feminine voice holding on to hope with all her might (passion): holding on to life… a desperate cry pounding furiously on the cloudy shorelines of the incomprehensible. Of sadness and the supernatural; the path taken by these ethereal sounds to sketch the memories’ unearthly images, images of the cliffs of insanity that are the epilogue of this fantastic musical creation.

Brett Rosenberg has composed a beautiful score, nostalgic and grief-stricken, adapting some typical genre elements to bring an old-fashioned, romantic aura to the story. Piano, violin, a sophisticated use of leitmotif, musical threads that twist and turn around each other – these are the tools used by the composer to tell a story. A story that dwells in the thin, ephemeral line separating sadness from joy, emotions that Rosenberg transforms through an elegant stroke of his pen.

1. Main Title
2. The Drownig
3. Dark Drive
4. The Cottage
5. Rachel´s Theme
6. Thomas appears the Islands
7. Dreams and drownings
8. Ligthouse vista
9. Love theme
10. Camera Flashback
11. Boad Journey
12. Morag´s visión
13. Thomas was here
14. Boat journey
15. Get it on
16. Got it on
17. Rachel´s Healing
18. He´s dead
19. Haunted
20. Broken cross
21. The reflection
22. Now you see him...
23. Losing it
24. Who´s there
25. Mr. Angus regrets
26. The Houdini
27. Farewell
28. Alone
29. Girl in the storm

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