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Number: VLE9222

Composed by: Gary Chang

We are excited to announce the limited-edition release of Gary Chang’s 1986 score to Firewalker. This long out-of-print soundtrack is making its debut on CD. Gary Chang’s score has been described by the L.A. Times as a “seductive, Latin-tinged score especially helpful in getting you in the escapist mood.”

The film was directed by J. Lee Thompson (Guns of Navarone) and stars Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett, Jr. and Melody Anderson. Norris and Gossett play Max Donigan and Leo Porter, two soldiers of fortune whose adventures rarely result in any notable gain. They are befriended by an inscrutable woman of mystery, Patricia (Anderson). Patricia's map leads them on a quest for treasure in Central America. The films title comes from the powerful guardian of the treasure. -VARESE SARABANDE

1. Dueling Mystics (2:58)
2. Desert Chase (2:21)
3. Leo Disappears (2:09)
4. Bar Fight (1:56)
5. Romance On A Train (2:15)
6. Traveling Music (1:09)
7. Leo And The Alligator (2:40)
8. Cave Adventure (2:59)
9. Mariachi Bar (1:51)
10. Banana Field Chase (4:07)
11. In The Cave (1:57)
12. Max Breaks Bottle (1:09)
13. Cave Fight (0:55)
14. The Temple (7:13)
15. End Credits (2:50)

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