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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: BEATCDPS15

Composed by: Fabio Frizzi

35 years after the shooting of this horror/thriller masterpiece, Maestro Fabio Frizzi retraces his steps in order to realize one of the boldest projects of his life: a composer's cut. We are used to having theatrical cuts and director's cut, but nobody ever dared to conceive and perform a movie version following the musician's point of view. A new score for a cult classic, in a more modern way, almost in the Hollywood style, with every few moments of silence but with great respect for its original identity. A true expanded version of itself, realized through renewed skill and mastery, with the important ally of 35 years of added proficiency, presented in two distinct versions: one at full throttle empowered by a 51 piece symphonic orchestra and another energized by the prog rock strength derived from the orchestration for the Frizzi 2 Fulci band, the seven top performers of the maestro F2F band.

An iconic past renewed through a modern stylization of itself, which can now be experienced as the score is performed live to the images of one of the most movies shot by this incredible director, Lucio Fulci.

This CD features THE BEYOND COMPOSER'S CUT live performance in Austin in Autumn 2016, on the cover the iconic poster painted by Enzo Sciotti right for this project. Last surviving copies available after the 2017 tour, they want last for a lot of time!

1. Beyond music 1:47
2. Sequenza coro e orchestra 1:04
3. Beyond music 1:50
4. Oltre la soglia 1:15
5. Voci dal nulla 1:31
6. Sequenza coro e orchestra 0:38
7. Beyond music 0:29
8. Suono aperto 0:30
9. Beyond music 0:23
10. Suono aperto 1:43
11. Suono aperto 1:33
12. Sequenza coro e orchestra 0:42
13. Verso l’ignoto 2:22
14. Beyond music 0:49
15. Verso l’ignoto 0:31
16. Beyond music 0:30
17. Suono aperto 0:31
18. Suono aperto 0:30
19. Sequenza ritmica e tema 2:18
20. Beyond music 0:53
21. Voci dal nulla 1:18
22. Beyond music 0:52
23. Sequenza coro e orchestra 1:03
24. Beyond music 0:39
25. Sequenza ritmica e tema 0:47
26. Beyond music 1:36
27. Verso l’ignoto 0:41
28. Voci dal nulla 0:47
29. Sequenza ritmica e tema 4:12
30. Sequenza ritmica e tema 2:03
31. Sequenza coro e orchestra 0:36
32. Beyond music 1:55
33. Sequenza coro e orchestra 1:19
34. Beyond music 1:01
35. Beyond music 0:35
36. Verso l’ignoto 1:57
37. Beyond music 1:14
38. Verso l’ignoto 0:34
39. Sequenza coro e orchestra 0:38
40. Beyond music 0:57
41. Sequenza ritmica e tema 0:49
42. Beyond music 0:44
43. Suono aperto 1:10
44. Voci dal nulla 1:07
45. Voci dal nulla 1:28
46. Suono aperto 0:50
47. Beyond music 2:28
48. Sequenza coro e orchestra 1:05
49. Beyond music 2:02
50. Voci dal nulla 3:15

Total Time 61:59

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