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Number: OOPUNIVFR9809886

Composed by: Michel Colombier, Serge Gainsbourg


1. Cannabis 2:26
2. Premiere blessure 2:23
3. Le deuxieme homme 1:09
4. Jane dans la nuit 1:21
5. Danger 2:06
6. Chanvre indien 2:24
7. Avant de mourir 5:23
8. Arabique 1:28
9. Cannabis (instru) 2:26
10. I want to feel crazy 1:40
11. Derniere blessure 1:21
12. Piege 3:08
13. Cannabis-bis (final) 1:46

14. L'herbe tendre 2:22
15. Ce sacre grand-pere 2:36
16. Champetre et pop 2:13
17. Nous les Jericho 2:59
18. L'herbe tendre (instru) 2:15
19. Balade en Provence 1:46
20. Champetre et pop 2 1:28
21. L'adieu 2:31

CANNABIS - Serge (Serge Gainsbourg) is sent to France by New York mobsters to secure a shipment of heroin. The supplier in France is being ripped off by a middleman who has gone into business for himself. His first order of business is to wipe out the customers of a drug house who have bought their drugs from a rival dealer. After slaying the bunch, with the help of a maniacal hippie (Paul Nicholas), he is off to Paris. Someone tips off the rival gang of Serge's arrival and he is met at the airport by two thugs. A pretty woman he met on the plane (Jane Birkin) finds him slumped in his car and takes him home with her. The two soon are entwined in a passionate embrace. Emery (Curt Jurgens) is the French drug kingpin who along with Serge is sought by the inspector (Gabriele Ferzetti). 1970

Also Known As:
Cannabis - Engel der Gewalt (1970) (West Germany)
French Intrigue (1970)
The Mafia Wants Your Blood (1970) (USA)
New York Parigi per una condanna a morte (1970) (Italy)

CE SACRE GRAND-PERE - Jericho (Michel Simon) is a grandfather and a veterinarian who invites his grandson for a visit. The grandson and his wife are separated, but the two agree to make it appear that they are a happy couple. The grandfather knows better, realizing all along the couple is estranged. He slyly works to bring about a reconciliation to the couple and rekindle the passion they once knew when they first met and fell in love. 1968

Also Known As:
The Marriage Came Tumbling Down (1968) (USA)

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