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Our Price: $19.95
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Number: DGST033

Composed by: Giovanni Fusco

We are releasing for the absolute first time on complete edition CD the OST by Giovanni Fusco for the Peplum film “The Goddess of Love” (original title: “La Venere di Cheronea”).

Giovanni Fusco (October 10, 1906 Sant'Agata de 'Goti, - June 1, 1968 Rome) wrote a symphonic score for orchestra and choir which he entrusted to the masterful conductor, Carlo Savina. His main source of inspiration for this score was surely Iride’s beauty (and actress Belinda Lee who interprets her). Maestro Fusco created orchestral passages with a moving love theme which are introduced in the opening credits (Tr.1 ) and then reprised several times throughout the OST (Tr 3, Tr 4, Tr 5, Tr 9, Tr 10, Tr 12, Tr 13) and contrasted with a battle theme (Tr.6, Tr.7 , Tr.8, Tr.14, Tr.16, Tr.17). We’ve also included the track in the alternate ending from the French version of the film (Tr.21). For this CD (total duration 72:55 minutes), we were able to access the mono master tapes from the recording session so we could use every note recorded. The recovery and preservation of this CD from the Golden Age is a tribute to the musical art of Giovanni Fusco.

Greece is at war with Philip of Macedonia. Luciano, captain of the Macedonian Army, gets wounded in action and is rescued by Iride, a model of extraordinary beauty who poses for the sculptor Prassitele. Iride takes Luciano to the sculptor's home where he falls in love with her. Until that point, Prassitele had only considered Iride a model who he used for inspiration to create the statue of Aphrodite, but now he too feels passionately about the young woman. Iride decides to run away with Luciano and to try to return to the Greek camp. Prassitele then decides to take revenge on the couple by telling the Greek soldiers about the two escapees. The soldiers chase them and shoot Luciano with an arrow. He is believed to be dead so Iride is sent back to Prassitele’s studio. She tries to forget about Luciano by seeing other men. Meanwhile the Macedonians continue advancing and Prassitele is killed by the soldiers. After some time, Iride returns to Prassitele's house and while contemplating the unfinished statue of Aphrodite, an alive and well Luciano shows up. Iride confesses to him that she has been with other men and then tries to kill herself, but Luciano forgives her and affirms his love for her.

1. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Titoli) 1:53
2. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Risveglio magico) 3:55
3. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Bellezza eterna) 2:39
4. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Incontro d'amore) 2:05
5. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Notturno) 3:34
6. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Palazzo reale) 3:04
7. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Momento drammatico) 1:23
8. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Momento drammatico - parte II) 2:02
9. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Nata dalle acque) 4:33
10. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Come in un sogno) 6:56
11. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Dopo il risveglio) 5:39
12. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Momento sentimentale) 3:45
13. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Splendida statua) 3:50
14. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Scontro mortale) 2:39
15. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Amanti) 2:25
16. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (La grande battaglia) 10:02
17. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Inseguimento e incontro) 2:22
18. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Momento mistico) 4:19
19. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Bella come una dea) 1:01
20. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Finale - versione Italiana) 2:08
bonus track
21. LA VENERE DI CHERONEA (Finale - versione alt. Francese) 2:02

Limited edition 300 copies

Reviews and Comments: (1)
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Posted by ANTHIAUME georges on September 26, 2018 11:52 PM
Hello, about La Venere di cheronea; here a copy of my message to Musicbox records, a french film music seller and producer.
Ce CD pose problème:
Digitmovies indique : La Venere di cheronea (titre français-Aphrodite déesse de l'Amour) réalisé en 1958 par Viktor Tourjansky avec Belinda Lee( à laquelle le producteur de ce CD fait référence dans son descriptif) et Jacques Sernas; mais dans ce cas le compositeur est Michel Michelet.
La même année Giovanni Fusco compose bien pour un film d'antiquité mais il s'agit de : Afrodite dea dell' Amore (titre français-L'esclave de l'Orient) réalisé par Mario Bonnard avec Isabelle Corey et Massimo Serrato.
quoiqu'il en soit il y a eu confusion lors de la production de ce CD
Peut être avez vous la réponse. il faudra rectifier soit le nom du compositeur, soit le nom du film.
Il y aurait aussi la possibilité que Fusco ait composé une musique pour La Venere et qu'au dernier moment on l'ait remplacé par une composition de Michelet, cela parait quand même étonnant dans le contexte de l'époque et dans ce cas le CD devrait mentionner qu'il s'agit de la musique" rejetée"de Fusco.
Georges Anthiaume

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