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Number: OOPASV1146

Composed by: Erich Wolfgang Korngold


At the heart of the collection is the virtuosic Cello Concerto based on Korngold’s score for the New York-set film "Deception" (1946) starring Claude Rains as a composer, Bette Davis as his lover and Paul Henreid as the cellist.

With Der Sturm (world premiere recording) and the theatrical excerpts from Much Ado About Nothing never heard on disc before, this is an essential Korngold collection. Operatic and choral works are heard amid Korngold’s characteristically lush orchestration in superb performances by a range of exceptional artists.

DAS WUNDER DER HELIANE, Op.20 (1922-1927)
1. Introduction to Act I Scene 1
2. Prelude to Act II
3. Aria: Ich ging zu ihm (Act II)

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - theatrical score (excerpts), Op.11 (1918-1919)
4. No. 4 - Festmusik (Act II Scene 1)
5. No. 12 - Trauermusik (Prelude to Act V)
6. No. 14 - Schlusstanz (Finale to Act V)

7. CELLO CONCERTO in C, Op.37 (from the film Deception) (1946)

8. DER STURM (1913) *

9. KANNS HEUT NICHT FASSEN - aria from DER RING DES POLYKRATES (Scene 4), Op.7 (1913)

10.WALTZ from DER SCHNEEMANN (1908-1909)

DIE KATHRIN, Op.28 (1933-1937)
11. March (Act I)
12. Prayer (aria) (Act I)

Wendy Nielsen - soprano (3,9,12)
Zuill Bailey - cello (7)
Konzertvereinigung Linzer Theaterchor
Georg Leopold (chorus master) (1,8)
Tibor Pazmany - organ(1,11)
Bruckner Orchester Linz - Caspar Richter

Notes in English, French & German
Texts in German & English

Deception is an operatic rehash of the 1929 film "Jealousy." Music teacher Bette Davis - who evidently has a large student pool, judging by the size of her penthouse apartment - is reunited with her cellist lover Paul Henreid, whom she believed to have been killed in the war. Henreid wants to marry Davis, but he is unaware that she has, for the past several years, been the "protege" of composer Claude Rains. Rains agrees to keep quiet about his affair with Davis, but takes sadistic delight in tormenting the woman and working behind the scenes to sabotage Henreid's career. When Rains tells Bette of his plans to publicly humiliate Henreid, she shoots her ex-lover dead. Henreid agrees to stand by Davis no matter what is in store for her. Director Irving Rapper had originally wanted to treat the hoary plot twists of "Deception" comically, with the three principals walking off together at the end with a "what the hell?" attitude. He was tersely told to stick to the script; after all, people didn't pay to see Bette Davis but to see her suffer. Like the 1929 version of "Jealousy," "Deception" was based on a play by Louis Verneuil. 1946

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