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Our Price: $16.95
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Number: WB62932

Composed by: Hans Zimmer

Edward Zwick returned to the director's chair for the first time since 1998's "The Siege" with this sweeping period drama set in 19th-century Japan. After centuries of relying on hired samurai for national defense, the Japanese monarchy has decided to do away with the warriors in favor of a more contemporary military. Tom Cruise stars as Nathan Algren, a veteran of the U.S. Civil War who is hired by the Emperor Meiji to train an army capable of wiping out the samurai. But when Algren is captured by the samurai and taught about their history and way of life, he finds himself conflicted over who he should be fighting alongside. Billy Connelly, Tony Goldwyn, and Ken Watanabe co-star. 2003

1. A Way of Life 8:04
2. Spectres in the Fog 4:07
3. Taken 3:36
4. A Hard Teacher 5:44
5. To Know My Enemy 4:49
6. Idyll's End 6:41
7. Safe Passage 4:57
8. Ronin 1:53
9. Red Warrior 3:56
10. The Way of the Sword 7:59
11. A Small Measure of Peace 10:31

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