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Our Price: $19.95
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Name: BYU
Number: BYUFMA105

No. Tracks: 24
Composed by: Hugo Friedhofer

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Tom Proposes 13
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Limited reissue with new label art.

Stereo and Monaural score by Hugo Friedhofer, conducted by Alfred Newman

A Brigham Young University Film Music Archive Production. All proceeds from this limited edition compact disc go towards the acquisiton and preservation of film music elements.

Engrossing western stars Jimmy Stewart attempting to create peace between the whites and Indians. The Indians are portrayed as real, respectable people, without going to the politically correct extremes necessary in the westerns of today. Also stars Jeff Chandler, Debra Paget, Will Geer, and Basil Ruysdael.

1. 20th Century-Fox Trade Mark 0:12*
2. Main Title 1:17
3. Narration and Opening
4. Good Samaritan 2:14
5. Ambush 0:41
6. Torture and Return to Tucson 1:14
7. Smoke Signal 1:28
8. Tucson and Cochise 3:36
9. White Painted Lady 2:17
10. Accidental Meeting 2:04
11. Mail Montage 2:47
12. After Battle 1:21
13. Tom Proposes 2:22
14. Warriors Return 1:31
15. In the Woods 0:34
16. Tom and Cochise 1:42
17. Cochise and Nahilzay 1:44
18. Return and Peace Conference 2:32
19. Armistice 2:09
20. Primitive Ritual and The Lovers 2:49*
21. Tucson & The Lovers 1:44*
22. Death of Sonseeahray 2:32*
23. End Title – Revised 0:49*
24. End Title (two takes) 1:34*

*These cues are in Monaural sound.

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