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Number: MIL36153

No. Tracks: 5
Composed by: Hans Zimmer

German-born composer Hans Zimmer began his musical career as a member of several British new wave acts. Pairing up with composer Stanley Myers proved to be Zimmer's introduction to soundtrack work, and he eventually followed with solo scores for films such as RAIN MAN, THELMA & LOUISE, and THE LION KING (for which he won an Oscar in 1995). During the course of his prolific career, Zimmer has worked with musical artists such as Lisa Gerrard (formerly of Dead Can Dance), as well as directors such as Ridley Scott (GLADIATOR, BLACK HAWK DOWN) and his brother Tony Scott (TRUE ROMANCE, CRIMSON TIDE).

1. Burning Secret: Suite (24:03)
2. My Beautiful Laundrette: Suite (3:44)
3. The Fruit Machine: Suite (20:11)
4. A World Apart: End Title (5:04)
5. Fools of Fortune: The Island (17:58)

BURNING SECRET - Set in the years just after World War I at an upper-class winter spa, this period drama concerns the sickly son, Edmund (David Eberts), of American diplomat Mr. Tuchman (Ian Richardson). Edmund is accompanied to the spa with his ice-boned mother Sonya (Faye Dunaway) to recuperate from an asthmatic condition. At the spa, Edmund meets a dashing baron (Klaus Maria Brandauer), who regales Edmund with tales of his wartime exploits and takes him on long trips in his car and into the woods to explore a decaying tower. The Baron suffers from a hidden depression. Sonya, too, suffers from a depression exacerbated by years of a passionless marriage. Inevitably, these two manic souls find each other and have an affair. But now Edmund becomes jealous, and even his well-placed asthma attacks can't break Sonya and The Baron apart. So Edmund, his innocent boyhood shattered forever, takes off to Vienna to expose the affair to his father. 1989

MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE - After the death of his wife and his subsequent descent into alcoholic near-agoraphobia, a crotchety Pakistani intellectual convinces his shady entrepreneur brother to provide work for his son in this multi-layered portrait of the immigrant experience in Great Britain. Young Londoner Omar (Gordon Warnecke) isn't sure what he wants out of life, but his uncle Nasser (Saeed Jaffrey) provides a corrupt, capitalist role model as Omar graduates from washing cars for the old crook to running his run-down laundromat. After a chance meeting with Johnny (Daniel Day-Lewis), an old school chum whose flirtation with fascism deeply wounded Omar's principled Papa (Roshan Seth), Omar hires the young thug to work for him. Soon, the pair begin a romantic relationship that remains as under-wraps as the illicit drug-running and enforcement work they perform for Nasser's associate, Salim (Derrick Branche). On the domestic front, Omar must balance his knowledge of Nasser's long-running affair with posh Brit Rachel (Shirley Ann Field) with his own loyalty and attraction to Nasser's Westernized daughter, Tania (Rita Wolf). After successfully transforming his laundrette into a vision of resplendent pastel suds and providing a bright spot in his otherwise sqalid London neighborhood, Omar seems to have a bright future in Nasser's organization. The spectre of Johnny's past, however, combines with Omar's conflicted immigrant loyalties to threaten the sense of identity the young man has managed to stake out for himself. 1985

THE FRUIT MACHINE - The bluntly titled The Fruit Machine stars Emile Charles and Tony Forsyth as a pair of homosexual Liverpool teenagers. Though their sexual orientation may be the same, Charles and Forsyth hold diametrically opposed outlooks on life. Gradually, a romance develops between the two — but before things progress much farther, the film suddenly switches emotional gears. Witnessing a gangland execution, Charles and Forsyth are forced to defend their lives against an onslaught of villains. The film was originally titled Wonderland. 1989

A WORLD APART - Barbara Hershey plays the fictional counterpart to Ms. First, Diana Roth, with Jodhi May as her daughter. Told from the daughter's viewpoint, the film shows us that Diana and her husband Jeroen Krabbe are so busy with their anti-Apartheid political activism that they totally shut May out of their lives. In 1963, Hershey is arrested by the South African police, becoming the first white woman to be held under the infamous 90-day-detention act. Left despondent and suicidal by two separate arrests and by constant harassment from the police, Diana still won't include her daughter in her life until the girl presses the issue in a climactic confrontation. 1988

FOOLS OF FORTUNE - Set in post-WW I Ireland, Fools of Fortune takes place on the huge estate of the aristocratic Quinton family. Sheltered from the economic and political travails all around them, the Quintons are shocked into the Real World when one of their workers is ritualistically murdered. This is but one more bloody chapter in the ongoing struggle between the IRA and the British Army. Previously noncommittal, the Quintons are thrust into the middle of the struggle, After a deadly confrontation in which most of his loved ones are killed, young Willie Quinton (Sean T. McClory as a youth, Ian Glen as an adult) vows revenge. He briefly forgets his new purpose in life during a romantic liaison with his cousin Marianne (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), but a renewed cycle of tragedy galvanizes Willie into disastrous action. 1990

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