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Our Price: $30.95
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Number: OOPCFY001

No. Tracks: 18
Composed by: Gabriel Yared

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Sauve qui peut la vie 01
Prelude a la pluie 10
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1. Sauve qui peut la vie
2. Le Commerce
3. Rumeurs dans la ville
4. L’Imaginaire
5. La Peur
6. De l’enfer a l’au-dela
7. Monsieur Personne
8. La Vie a contre-temps
9. La Musique
10. Prelude a la pluie
11. Les Vents de Malevil
12. La Ballade des boiteux
13. Mon theme prefere
14. Choral des metaux
15. Fulbert’s blues
16. Sonate de basse-cour
17. Malevil sous la pluie
18. Java de Malevil

Sauve qui peut la vie & Malevil

Sauve qui peut la vie

An examination of sexual relationships, in which three protagonists interact in different combinations.


In this French science fiction thriller, nuclear war breaks out over Europe, and a group of visitors to a local chateau take cover in the basement. When they venture outside after the fighting stops, they discover that the chateau has sustained serious damage and the surrounding lands have been laid to waste. The survivors try to rebuild the house as best they can, and they begin growing food in order to sustain themselves, until they encounter Fulbert (Jean-Louis Trintignant), a deranged fascist who is leading a band of ragged survivors who live in several abandoned railroad cars. The survivors of the chateau defeat Fulbert, and his forces join with the people of the chateau to build a new society. However, they are soon ambushed by government troops, who are rounding up survivors of the nuclear attack and relocating them to concentration camps. Three of the chateau survivors are able to escape and attempt to make their way to safety.

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