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Name: BYU
Number: BYUFMA116

No. Tracks: 17
Composed by: Max Steiner

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Main Title 01
In Your Hands 06
Home In Vermont 14
The End Is Near 15
Play All Tracks

Another Max Steiner treasure from Brigham Young University's Film Music Archive - a masterpiece by the father of film music. 36 page deluxe color booklet with notes by film historian Rudy Behlmer and producer Ray Faiola.

Bette Davis earned an Oscar nomination for her role in this classic four-hanky tearjerker. Judith Traherne (Bette Davis) is a very wealthy Long Island heiress whose life is a constant whirl of cocktails, parties, and wild living. Despite her hedonistic lifestyle, Judith derives little pleasure from life except for her horses, cared for by stable master Michael O'Leary (Humphrey Bogart). When Judith begins suffering from headaches and dizzy spells, Dr. Frederick Steele (George Brent) gives her the bad news: she has a brain tumor that could threaten her life if not treated immediately. Judith consents to surgery, and Frederick informs her that the operation was a success. A grateful Judith quickly falls in love with Frederick, and they plan to marry. However, the tumor returns, and when Judith discovers that she has only a few months to live, she calls off the wedding, convinced that Frederick is marrying her only as an act of pity for a dying woman. A major success and perennial favorite, "Dark Victory" was later remade as "Stolen Hours" with Susan Hayward and as a TV movie starring Elizabeth Montgomery. 1939

1. Main Title :55
2. The Accident 1:53
3. Ann’s Concern 2:27
4. Running Away From the Truth 5:13
5. Diagnosis 2:46
6. In Your Hands 1:38
7. Telling Ann the Truth 3:57
8. Judy’s Suspicions 2:18
9. Prognosis Negative 1:53
10. Oh! Give Me Time For Tenderness :28
11. The Tack Room 2:55
12. Ann Weeps Over Judy 1:17
13. Fred Proposes To Judy 3:06
14. Home In Vermont 1:56
15. The End Is Near 4:25
16. Our Victory Over the Dark 8:01
17. End Cast :36

A Brigham Young University Film Music Archives Production. All proceeds from this limited edition compact disc go towards the acquisition and preservation of film music elements.

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