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Our Price: $79.95
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Number: OOPCH37501

Composed by: Miklos Rozsa


When a heavy London fog paralyzes all air traffic, the lives of several people are profoundly affected. As indicated by the title, most of the characters in this portmanteau film are of the social and/or financial elite. Elizabeth Taylor wishes to leave her enormously wealthy husband Richard Burton in favor of playboy Louis Jourdan. Peripatetic European film producer Orson Welles is hoping to escape London with his newest protegee Elsa Martinelli in order to avoid paying his income tax. Australian businessman Rod Taylor, accompanied by his devoted (and adoring) secretary Maggie Smith, is anxious to head to New York to stave off a hostile takeover of his firm. And impoverished aristocrat Margaret Rutherford (who won an Oscar for her performance) would rather not go to Florida to accept a job as a social arbiter, but the wolf must be kept from the door. Before the fog disperses, you can be sure that at least one of the many plotlines will intersect with another.

1. Prelude (3:15)
2. The Duchess of Brighton (3:15)
3. The Bracelet (2:17)
4. Conflict (3:07)
5. Mood For Truth (2:41)
6. Adorable Invitation (3:40)
7. The Letter (1:54)
8. Consolation (3:31)
9. Daffodils (1:55)
10. Emotional Cost (2:10)
11. Doubts & Paul's Exit (3:27)
12. Question of Pride/Suicidal Threat/Finale (9:33)

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