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Our Price: $34.95
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Number: OOPMDCD603

Composed by: Elmer Bernstein

Near Mint. Unsealed. Only 1 Available.

Baby The Rain Must Fall

Henry Thomas is out on parole in a small Texan town and, in the evenings, he is the lead singer in a band. He is being pressured by his foster mother to give up his singing and go back to school. His wife, Georgette, and young daughter unexpectedly come to town to live with him. However Henry's hot temper leads him into knife fights, and jeopardizes his parole.

The Caretakers

This movie chronicles the trials of the mentally ill and their care-givers in an over-crowded ward of a hospital. Dr. MacLeod (Robert Stack) is a new, optimistic doctor who attempts to start an out-patient program for the women in the ward. His method of treating mentally ill patients without violence or punishment is met with resistance by the head nurse, Lucretia Terry (Joan Crawford). During Dr. MacLeod's treatment, the phobias and illnesses of the various women in the test group are explored.

1. Main Title Theme (2:36)
2. Henry's Heap (2:51)
3. Shine For Me (Vocal) (2:31)
4. Highway#2 (Travelin' Lady) (2:44)
5. Gospel Time (2:35)
6. Pecan Grove Rock (2:45)
7. Baby The Rain Must Fall (Vocal Version) (2:25)
8. Highway#1 (Wagon Wheel Watusi) (1:52)
9. Main Title (Reprise) (2:42)
10. Black Strait Jacket (2:03)
11. Blues For A Four String Guitar (2:37)
12. Take Care (2:00)
13. Birdito (2:19)
14. Party In The Ward (1:58)
15. Main Title Theme from, 'The Caretakers' (2:15)
16. The Cage (1:59)
17. Electrotherapy (2:01)
18. Day Hospital (1:39)
19. Seclusion (1:40)
20. Finale (2:14)

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