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Name: GNP
Number: GNP8067

No. Tracks: 15
Composed by: Nick Glennie-Smith, Stephen Graziano

In this fantasy adventure tale, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and his kinsman Duncan (Adrian Paul) are "Immortals," members of a secret clan who can be killed only through decapitation. Connor and Duncan find themselves thrown into a tournament where Immortals both good and evil battle one another in a bid to become the last of their kind. Highlander: Endgame was the fourth feature film in the Highlander franchise, but its narrative draws from the storyline of the Highlander television series and ignores the events of the second and third films. 2000

1. Bonny Portmore (3:46)
Trad. arranged & produced by Stephen Graziano

2. Opening Titles (10:18)

3. Motorcycle Gang Fight (4:46)

4. Driving to Loft / Getting Duncan / Ride to the Grave (2:36)

5. Say Goodbye to Kate / Last Supper Slash (3:33)

6. Heather cuts her Hair (1:08)

7. There can only be one! (Killing Kell) (6:53)

8. Prelude / The Song of the Pooka (3:32)
Trad. arranged & produced by Stephen Graziano

9. The Legend of the Immortals (10:34)

10. Connor and Duncan Fight Together (0:45)

11. Duncan Visits the Loft (0:54)

12. The Hidden Room (1:16)

13. Attack at the Loft (6:08)

14. Killing an Old Friend (2:17)

15. In Memory of Connor (3:58)
Not used in film - Music composed by Chris Neel

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